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    Blood River: The War for the Northwest Territory

    R30,00 R81,98
    This is the fourth book in the "First Frontier" series. At the dawn of the 18th century, the ancient Indian tribes begin a savage conflict - forced to take sides in the white man's war - and are pushed into an era of great heroism and greater loss.

    Crossfire Trail: A Novel

    R83,00 R95,00
    The only thing Rafe held sacred was his word--and now he had sworn to a dying man that he would save his Long Valley ranch for his wife and daughter, Ann. But Ann thought Rafe was moving in for his own crooked gain, and played right into the deadly hands of the greedy ranchers plotting to destroy her.

    Terms of Endearment

    R157,00 R185,00
    The acclaimed novel that inspired the Academy Award-winning film, from the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Lonesome Dove.

    Hard Trail to Follow

    R102,00 R120,00
    In the 1870s, former Texas Ranger Andy Pickard, now a restless farmer, drops his plow and straps on his guns when the local sheriff is murdered during a jailbreak. The dead sheriff, Tom Blessing, had been a father figure to Andy, who vows revenge for his killing. The escaped outlaw is Luther Cordell, a dangerous bank robber.

    The Desert Rose

    R157,00 R185,00
    From the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Lonesome Dove and Terms of Endearment.

    The Spoilers

    R136,00 R160,00
    Private detective Luke Starbuck has been hired to ferret out the Judas working for the Central Pacific - a mastermind behind a string of train robberies. All Starbuck has to do is pass himself off as an outlaw and infiltrate the pack. But making a wrong move could mean murder.

    The Law and the Lawless

    R96,00 R110,00

    Caroline: Little House, Revisited

    R213,00 R250,00

    The Broken Gun

    R83,00 R95,00
    Begin with the massacre of 27 innocent men. Follow it with two brutal murders almost 90 years later. Add two curious guerrilla fighters and a beautiful girl. Mix with a pack of vicious killers, and you have L'Amour's blistering novel of action and adventure in the new West.

    Ferguson Rifle

    R83,00 R95,00
    Stripped of all he values in life, Ronan Chantry picks up his prized Ferguson rifle and heads west--into an unknown land and an uncertain future. For an educated man, Chantry is surprisingly tough. For a civilized man, he is unexpectedly dangerous. But even he can't know his true courage until he draws fire of a man who will do anything for gold.