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    Blood River: The War for the Northwest Territory

    R30,00 R81,98
    This is the fourth book in the "First Frontier" series. At the dawn of the 18th century, the ancient Indian tribes begin a savage conflict - forced to take sides in the white man's war - and are pushed into an era of great heroism and greater loss.


    The stunning sequel to Adam's Empire, Kalinda, a multi-generational story that spans several decades, weaves an intricate portrait of war, life in the Australian outback and the family Adam Ross would die to protect.

    Ranger's Trail and Texas Vendetta

    R170,00 R200,00
    Ranger's trail: Spring of 1874, Ranger companies are being reorganized and David "Rusty" Shannon is the most sought-after veteran. But he has a new goal, to marry Josie Monahan. He also feels responsibility for Andy Pickard, who he rescued from the Comanche. But tragedy changes Rusty's plans and bent on revenge, he pursues Josie's killer. But the trail he follows may lead him astray.

    The Law and the Lawless

    R96,00 R110,00

    The Desert Rose

    R157,00 R185,00
    From the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Lonesome Dove and Terms of Endearment.

    Crossfire Trail: A Novel

    R83,00 R95,00
    The only thing Rafe held sacred was his word--and now he had sworn to a dying man that he would save his Long Valley ranch for his wife and daughter, Ann. But Ann thought Rafe was moving in for his own crooked gain, and played right into the deadly hands of the greedy ranchers plotting to destroy her.

    Dark Canyon

    R83,00 R95,00
    Louis L'Amour invites readers to saddle up for a treacherous ride through theshadowy recesses of Dark Canyon in this unforgettable, classic tale.

    Man from the Broken Hills

    R83,00 R95,00
    The Sacketts were fierce fighting men from the hills of Tennessee. The Talons were French, but a life of piracy brought them to American. Milo was half Talon, half Sackett, riding a vengeance trail against a man who had betrayed his kin. And when he found him, Milo Talon would do no less than any Sackett or Talon before him.


    R83,00 R95,00
    She was rich and beautiful--a lady in the desert with servants, champagne, the best of everything. They were the grim-faced killers who haunted the high peaks, the scourge of the desert--the Apache. He was Shalako.


    R83,00 R95,00
    Major James Brionne brought Dave Allard to trial for murder. Just before the hanging, Dave swore his brothers would take vengeance. Four years later, the brothers returned to settle the score. Only the Major and his son escaped. His family murdered, Brionne and son seek a new life out West. But he knows the Allards are still on his trail and he vows to be ready this time. Reprint.

    The Last Kind Words Saloon

    R247,00 R290,00
    The triumphant return of Larry McMurtry with this ballad in prose: his heartfelt tribute to a bygone era of the American West.

    The Hills of Homicide: A Novel

    R83,00 R95,00

    All My Friends are Going to be Strangers

    R157,00 R185,00
    From the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Lonesome Dove and Terms of Endearment.

    The Cherokee Trail

    R83,00 R95,00

    After the Bugles

    R119,00 R140,00
    Joshua Buckalew has left behind the deserted battlefields that claimed his brother. The war with Mexico has cost him dear, but it has also given him a strong bond to the land and to the Mexican families who stood with him against the tyrannies of Santa Anna.

    The Broken Gun

    R83,00 R95,00
    Begin with the massacre of 27 innocent men. Follow it with two brutal murders almost 90 years later. Add two curious guerrilla fighters and a beautiful girl. Mix with a pack of vicious killers, and you have L'Amour's blistering novel of action and adventure in the new West.