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    The Aliens Are Coming!: The Exciting and Extraordinary Science Behind Our Search for Life in the Universe

    R79,00 R275,00
    Discover the fascinating and cutting-edge science behind the greatest question of all: is there life beyond Earth? The brand-new book from bestselling science writer and comedian Ben Miller

    The Intimate Universe: How the Stars are Closer Than You Think

    R89,00 R220,00
    The cosmos is closer and more connected to your life than you think

    Human Universe

    R199,00 R790,00
    Top ten Sunday Times Bestseller 'Engaging, ambitious and creative' Guardian Where are we? Are we alone? Who are we? Why are we here? What is our future?

    A Brief History of Time: From Big Bang to Black Holes

    Was there a beginning of time? Could time run backwards? Is the universe infinite or does it have boundaries? This book deals with these questions and more.

    Stephen Hawking: A Life in Science

    New updated edition of the biography of a remarkable man - motor neurone disease victim and awesome intellect Stephen (A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME) Hawking

    Time in Powers of Ten: Natural Phenomena and Their Timescales

    In this richly illustrated book, Nobel Laureate Gerard 't Hooft and Theoretical Physicist Stefan Vandoren describe the enormous diversity of natural phenomena that take place at different time scales.

    Just Six Numbers

    R211,00 R220,00
    Astronomer Royal Martin Rees shows how the behaviour and origins of the universe can be explained by just six numbers.

    Astronomy for Young and Old: A Beginner's Guide to the Visible Sky

    R306,00 R406,24
    A perfect introduction to astronomy for people of any age, whether or not they have a telescope.

    Korolev: How One Man Masterminded the Soviet Drive to Beat America to the Moon

    How One Man Masterminded the Soviet Drive Beat America to the Moon. "Fascinating... packed with technical and historical detail for the space expert and enthusiast alike... Great stuff!"-New Scientist "In this exceptional book, James Harford pieces together a most compelling and well-written tale... Must reading.

    Deep-Sky Companions: The Caldwell Objects

    R747,00 R895,35
    Featuring stunning images, updated observations and astrophysical descriptions, this is ideal for observers in search of a new challenge.

    Atlas of Great Comets

    R656,00 R732,53
    A stunning visual reference on thirty of the greatest comets that have been witnessed and documented since the Middle Ages.

    Galaxy: Mapping the Cosmos

    R491,00 R657,15
    Written by an active researcher in the field, Galaxy: Mapping the Infinite tells the rich scientific story of galaxy evolution and observation - discoveries of 'spiral nebulae', the nature of galaxies and the current 'World Model'.

    Stargazing: Memoirs of a Young Lighthouse Keeper

    R204,00 R275,00
    When Peter Hill, a student at Dundee College of Art, answered an advert in The Scotsman seeking lighthouse keepers, little did he imagine that within a month he would be living with three men he didn't know in a lighthouse on Pladda, a small remote island off the west coast of Scotland.

    Deep-Sky Companions: The Messier Objects

    R739,00 R830,39
    This updated Deep-Sky Companion features improved star charts for finding every Messier Object and a complete history of their discovery.

    Black Holes: A Very Short Introduction

    R173,00 R200,00
    In this Very Short Introduction, Katherine Blundell looks at the seemingly paradoxical, mysterious, and intriguing phenomena of astrophysical black holes. Outlining what a black hole actually is and how they are characterised, she separates the scientific fact from science fiction, and demonstrates the interesting role they play in the cosmos.

    Observing the Sun

    A clear and practical account of everything that a telescope user needs to know in order to make solar observations.