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    Another Great Day at Sea: Life Aboard the USS George H. W. Bush

    R192,00 R230,00
    From a writer whose books succeed in either subverting or creating genres comes a unique look at an inaccessible world

    Surveying Yachts and Small Craft

    R816,00 R960,00
    Packed with detailed close-up photography, step by step procedures, and helpful checklists, this handbook is suitable for small craft owners who want to check out defects on their own boats or on boats they are planning to buy, as well as practicing surveyors and surveying students. It guides the reader through conducting a thorough inspection.

    Australian Migrant Ships 1946-1977

    R254,00 R487,65
    In 1945 Arthur Calwell announced an immigration policy for Australia requiring an influx of 70,000 migrants a year, and it was hoped that all of them would come from Britain. This book looks at the ships that brought these migrants to Australia - some that were never designed to carry passengers or to travel great distances.

    The 12 Volt Bible for Boats

    This indroduction to the 12-volt electrical systems used on small boats is written for boaters who are not skilled electricians. It explains how 12-volt systems work, how to maintain them in a good operating condition, how to recognize an electrical problem and how to troubleshoot that problem.

    The Folkboat Story: From Cult to Classic the Renaissance of a Legend

    R425,00 R451,97
    Dieter Lobiner details the history of the Nordic Folkboat, sketching its journey from its origins in 1930s Sweden to modern regattas which showcase its performance under trying conditions and its beautiful, sea-kindly and minimalistic design.

    Western Ferries: Taking on Giants

    R196,00 R215,61
    The story of Scotland's most successful ferry operator, which flourished despite ruthless state-sponsored competition.

    Salty Dog Talk: The Nautical Origins of Everyday Expressions

    R192,00 R230,00
    Originally published: London: Adlard Coles, 1983.

    The Liveaboard Guide: Living Afloat on the Inland Waterways

    The essential guide to living on a boat on canals and rivers, focusing on the practical issues of how to manage every aspect of day to day living.

    Barging Round Britain: Exploring the History of Our Nation's Canals and Waterways

    R211,00 R215,00
    Explores the people and places that have forged this national treasure, from the birth of the Industrial Revolution to the leisure explosion on our waterways today. Illustrated with maps and photographs, this book traces canal routes across the UK, from the Georgian grandeur of Bath to the dramatic splendour of the Scottish Highlands.

    Clinker Boat Building: A Guide to Traditional Techniques

    R498,00 R556,00
    Clinker boats have a long history and were notably used by the Vikings. They are a romantic and traditional sight on the water. Their popularity has endured because of the elegance and strength of their construction. This book gives practical instruction on how to build clinker boats and celebrates their proud history.

    Building a Strip Canoe: Full-sized Plans and Instructions for Eight Easy-to-build, Field Tested Canoes

    R402,00 R406,24
    Covering everything from safety in the boat to shop repairs, this book thoroughly explains the whys and shortcuts learned from the author's experience in the shop and on the water. It includes full-sized plans for 8 well-proven canoe designs, most of which are the author's own adaptations.

    The Narrowboat Guide: A Complete Guide to Choosing, Designing and Maintaining a Narrowboat

    R435,00 R537,31
    A complete guide to choosing, designing and maintaining a narrow boat.

    The Complete Ocean Skipper: Deep-Water Voyaging, Navigation and Yacht Management

    R577,00 R746,10
    An essential reference for anyone interested in offshore sailing and ocean passages.