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    R79,00 R130,09
    First published in a posthumous edition of 1677, this work by Spinoza is a systematic attempt to work out the nature of God, the relation between mind and body, human psychology, and the best way to live.

    On War

    R79,00 R130,09
    In both a philosophical and a practical work, Clausewitz defines the essential nature of war, debates the qualities of a great commander, assesses the relative strengths of defensive and offensive war, and - in highly controversial passages - considers the relationship between war and politics.

    Without God, is Everything Permitted?: The 20 Big Questions in Ethics

    R129,00 R215,00
    One of Britain's most eminent philosophers tackles 20 provocative ethical questions.

    Words of Wisdom: Philosophy's Most Important Quotations and Their Meaning

    R129,00 R245,00
    A stimulating compendium of philosophical quotations.

    The Greatest Salesman in the World

    R105,00 R125,00
    This is a reprint of Og Mandino's quintessential positive thinking parable which has stirred many to action in pursuit of their dreams.


    R79,00 R149,00
    A brand-new biography of the seminal figure of Chinese culture.

    Being and Nothingness: An Essay on Phenomenological Ontology

    R255,00 R300,00
    This monumental book, regarded by many as Sartre's greatest achievement, is one of the most influential philosophical works of the 20th century. In it Sartre set out his fundamental views on philosophy and laid the foundations of existentialism.

    Heart and Mind: The Varieties of Moral Experience

    R170,00 R200,00
    Midgley offers us an optimistic and holistic view of what it means to be human, acknowledging the complex interconnections of emotion and intellect, while presenting us with the freedom to be ourselves.

    Fifty Major Philosophers

    R442,00 R520,00
    Presents readers with a series of entries, focusing on fifty of the most influential philosophers from the last two thousand years. Providing the traditional mainstream of European philosophy, this text is useful for those wishing to improve their understanding of some of the world's most fascinating intellectual figures.

    What is the Human Being?

    R514,00 R605,00
    Philosophers, anthropologists and biologists have long puzzled over the question of human nature. It is also a question that Kant thought about deeply and returned to in many of his writings. In this wide-ranging introduction to Kant's philosophy of human nature, Patrick Frierson assesses Kant's theories and examines his critics.

    Philosophy: The Basics

    R208,00 R245,00

    An Outline of Philosophy

    R170,00 R200,00
    Argues that humanity demands consideration solely as the instrument by which we acquire knowledge of the universe. From our inner-world to the outer-world, from our physical world to the universe, the author's argument separates modern scientific knowledge and our 'seeming' consciousness.

    Between Man and Man

    R170,00 R200,00
    Martin Buber believed that the deepest reality of human life lies in the relationship between one being and another. "Between Man and Man" is the classic work where he puts this belief into practice, applying it to the concrete problems of contemporary society.

    Wholeness and the Implicate Order

    R170,00 R200,00
    In this classic work David Bohm, writing clearly and without technical jargon, develops a theory of quantum physics which treats the totality of existence as an unbroken whole.

    History of Western Philosophy

    R255,00 R300,00
    History Of Western Philosophy was published in 1946. A dazzlingly ambitious project, it remains unchallenged to this day as the ultimate introduction to Western philosophy.