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    Global Geomorphology

    R765,00 R900,00
    Global geomorphology is the subject of this book, working from the perspective that an adequate appreciation of landform genesis must encompass a knowledge of the large-scale framework of landscapes as well as an understanding of the smaller-scale processes which create individual landforms.

    The Science of Environmental Pollution

    R986,00 R1 160,00
    Focuses on pollution of the atmosphere, of surface and groundwater, and of soil - the three environmental mediums - and solving pollution problems by using real world methods. This introductory textbook includes case studies, examples and study questions. It covers sources of pollution, pollution remediation, and pollution and the 21st century.

    The Hebrides: An Aerial View of a Cultural Landscape

    R549,00 R647,49
    The Hebrides of Scotland - around 500 diverse islands - form the north-western Atlantic fringe of Europe. This book surveys the cultural landscape of this dramatically beautiful, complex and conflicted area, with emphasis on what may be interpreted through aerial photography.

    OCR Geology AS & A2 Student Book: Exclusively Endorsed by OCR for GCE Geology

    Suitable for teachers of OCR A Level specifications who want to deliver the style A Level, this book engages students and supports them through the transition from GCSE. It includes two sections with advice on improving practical and field skills. It integrates How Science Works to help students understand the underlying principles of science.

    Geology and Plant Life: The Effects of Landforms and Rock Types on Plants

    Demonstrates the role of landforms and rock types in producing the geographical distributions of plants and in stimulating evolutionary diversification.

    Essentials of Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology

    R960,00 R1 221,00
    A concise introductory textbook on the petrology of igneous and metamorphic rocks for one-semester courses, with topics arranged around tectonic environments.

    Fundamentals of Fluvial Geomorphology

    R749,00 R1 155,22
    Provides an understanding of how the fluvial system operates at different spatial and temporal scales. This book is suitable as an introductory text for first and second year undergraduates.

    Soil Science Simplified

    R885,00 R1 145,83
    Already renowned as a user-friendly beginners guide to soil science, Soil Science Simplified, 6th Edition is an updated version of the beloved textbook that includes even more thorough applications of soil science to interdisciplinary fields.

    The Seven Hills of Rome: A Geological Tour of the Eternal City

    From humble beginnings, Rome became perhaps the greatest intercontinental power in the world. This book demonstrates the important link between the history of Rome and its geologic setting. It contains chapters that are arranged geographically, based on the seven hills, the Tiber floodplain, the ancient creeks that dissected the plateau, and more.

    Sedimentary Petrology

    R953,00 R1 839,88
    Intends to provide a concise account of the composition, mineralogy, textures, structures, diagenesis and depositional environments of sedimentary rocks. This book includes 16 plates with 54 colour photomicrographs of sedimentary rocks in thin-section. It is suitable for earth science undergraduates studying sedimentary petrology.

    Essential Soil Science: A Clear and Concise Introduction to Soil Science

    R786,00 R1 340,88
    Only textbook to cater for introductory courses in soil science. Provides an affordable concise overview of soil science. Learning exercises and chapter summaries enhance usability. Annotated suggestions for further reading. Based on proven and successful modular course structure. Emphasis on readability and interactive learning.