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    Global Geomorphology

    R765,00 R900,00
    Global geomorphology is the subject of this book, working from the perspective that an adequate appreciation of landform genesis must encompass a knowledge of the large-scale framework of landscapes as well as an understanding of the smaller-scale processes which create individual landforms.

    The Science of Environmental Pollution

    R986,00 R1 160,00
    Focuses on pollution of the atmosphere, of surface and groundwater, and of soil - the three environmental mediums - and solving pollution problems by using real world methods. This introductory textbook includes case studies, examples and study questions. It covers sources of pollution, pollution remediation, and pollution and the 21st century.

    Magnitude 8: Earthquakes and Life Along the San Andreas Fault

    Environmental historian Philip L. Fradkin offers a history of earthquakes and a guide to the San Andreas Fault, the seismic scar that bisects the Golden State's spectacular scenery. He examines the mythology, culture, social implications, politics and science of earthquakes.

    Volcanoes: Encounters Through the Ages

    R514,00 R569,87
    Volcanoes have intrigued many people, who have left records of their encounters in letters, reports and diaries and through sketches and illustrations. This book tells the stories of volcanic eruptions around the world, using original illustrations and first-hand accounts to explore how our understanding of volcanoes has evolved through time.

    Blue Hope: Exploring and Caring for Earth's Magnificent Ocean

    R518,00 R530,00
    Dazzling photographs combine with inspiring insights from international ocean icon Sylvia Earle and other notable ocean advocates, paying a poignant tribute to the beauty and magic of the ocean and shedding light on its abundant gifts to the planet.

    Climate Change in Prehistory: The End of the Reign of Chaos

    R725,00 R813,94
    Weaves together climate research with anthropological and archaeological studies showing how climate change has made us who we are today.