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    The life & love of the sea

    Since time immemorial, humans have been captivated by water. No wonder: ItÆs the most omnipresent substance on Earth and without it life itself would be impossible.

    Horse Conformation: Structure, Soundness and Performance

    The most comprehensive guide to the horse's body- inside and outside-ever published.

    American Curiosity: Cultures of Natural History in the Colonial British Atlantic World

    Examines how various people in the British colonies understood and represented the natural world around them from the late sixteenth century through the eighteenth. The author uncovers early descriptions of American natural phenomena as well as clues to how people in the colonies construed their own identities through the natural world.

    Hawks and Owls of Eastern North America

    Providing a readable, accessible introduction to birds of prey, this guide describes their identifying characteristics, behaviour and habitats. It details what is being done to protect them and details how to experience these birds firsthand through study and observation.

    Annales Mycologici, Volume 1

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