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    From the age of eight Candice Derman locked away her secret and lived two lives. The darkness spread but she learned how to live with it. She grew up never knowing if she would ever be able to love all of herself. She became a normal, not normal child and her secret lay hidden inside her for many years.

    Battlefields of gold

    R39,00 R250,00
    This is the story of 25 tumultuous years in the life of Gold fields, one of the world's great mining companies. If it is true that 'Big business' is the last adventure frontier, then mining for gold has to be the most adventurous, dangerous and unpredictable business pursuit of them all.

    Going back to say goodbye

    R175,00 R220,00
    Kenneth de Kok describes his childhood in Stilfontein, a small mining town in the Transvaal. Set in the 1950s, the story immerses the reader in a world of bicycle races down dirt roads, kleilat fights, childhood pacts and seaside holidays. A Row of Bluegums is a sensitively written memoir about fathers and sons and, importantly, about growing up.

    Eggs to lay, chickens to hatch

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    Agnes, the Van WyksÆ Zulu housekeeper, had a special friendship with young Chris in the late sixties to early seventies. He would defend her whenever she came to work with a hangover on a Monday morning and made a mess of the cleaning. In turn, Agnes never told on Chris when he played truant from school.

    Always another country

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    In her much anticipated memoir, Sisonke Msimang writes about her exile childhood in Zambia and Kenya, young adulthood and college years in North America, and returning to South Africa in the euphoric 1990s.

    Carry-on baggage

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    Howard Feldman was a high-flying commodity trader, living a seemingly perfect life, with a perfect wife and perfect children, in an unbelievably perfect world.


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    'I am not recovering. I am recovered. You, too, can be a recovered addict.' Imagine going from schoolboy experimentation with drugs to being so addicted that you begin planning your parentsÆ murder so that you can get money (for more drugs) from your inheritance! Sadly MarcoÆs story is not an isolated one.

    South African eden

    R149,00 R170,00
    South African Eden is James Stevenson-Hamilton's memoir of over four decades of service as warden of what became the world renowned Kruger National Park, a classic of ecology.

    Thinking up a hurricane

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    In the spring of 1977 Frank Stilwell launched Vingila, 17 tons of welded together 11-millimetre steel plates, in Durban harbour.


    R102,00 R120,00
    Growing up in Rhodesia in the 1960s, Peter Godwin inhabited a frightening world of leopard-hunting, witch doctors, and forest fires.

    The love diary of a Zulu boy

    R201,00 R230,00
    The Love Diary of a Zulu Boy is a fable of lust, love, sex, obsession, loss, friendship, betrayal and fantasy. By turns erotic, romantic, tragic and comic, it is inspired by the real-life drama of a romantic relationship between a Zulu boy and an Englishw

    His call, my all

    R119,00 R140,00
    In the 1970s Hennie Keyter was an angry young man, fresh out of military service for the apartheid government of South Africa, unsure of his path in life and deeply uneasy about his faith. When God revealed to him that He had a purpose for him and a calling on his life, at first Hennie was not ready to hear it.

    Third world child

    R213,00 R250,00
    æThis is the story of my world or, more accurately, the worlds in which I live.Æ GG AlcockÆs parents, Creina and Neil, were humanitarians who gave up comfortable lives to move to rural Zululand.