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    How to Write a Marketing Plan

    R59,00 R215,61
    Makes the task of writing a marketing plan much easier. This practical step-by-step guide details how to formulate a workable and successful plan. It looks at various useful stages, including: carrying out a marketing audit; setting objectives and the strategies to achieve them; devising budgets; and, writing and implementing the plan.

    Assignment and thesis writing

    R272,00 R315,00
    To achieve in their higher education studies students have to develop excellent research and writing skills. Without these skills it is unlikely that students will achieve the levels required to move beyond undergraduate studies.

    An Outline of Scientific Writing: For Researchers with English as a Foreign Language

    A guide to scientific writing for researchers whose first language is not English. Constructs such as sentence structure and word use are discussed, then the style and convention used in scientific publications is covered. Examples and exercises clarify the rules and guidelines presented.

    Literacy Research Methodologies

    R1 072,00

    The definitive reference on literacy research methods, this book serves as a key resource for researchers and as a text in graduate-level courses. Distinguished scholars clearly describe established and emerging methodologies, discuss the types of questions and claims for which each is best suited, identify standards of quality, and present exemplary studies that illustrate the approaches at their best. The book demonstrates how each mode of inquiry can yield unique insights into literacy learning and teaching and how the methods can work together to move the field forward. New to This Edition *Significantly expanded: covers 18 approaches instead of 13.*Incorporates the latest methodological advances and empirical findings.*Chapters on content analysis, research in digital contexts, mixed methods, narrative approaches, and single-subject experimental design.

    An Independent Study Guide to Reading Greek

    R561,00 R651,12
    Updated guide and answer-book for those using the second edition of Reading Greek.

    Active Listening

    R645,00 R845,86
    Listening is now regarded by researchers and practitioners as a highly active skill involving prediction, inference, reflection, constructive recall, and often direct interaction with speakers. In this new theoretical and practical guide, Michael Rost and JJ Wilson demonstrate how active listening can be developed through guided instruction.

    The Intellectual Revolution: Selections from Euripides, Thucydides and Plato

    R537,00 R602,28
    A reader for intermediate students of ancient Greek, introducing three of ancient Greece's most important authors, Euripides, Thucydides and Plato.

    Interpersonal Communication: Everyday Encounters

    R2 136,00 R3 255,61
    Helping you find your voice, this book helps you build the skills you need to become a more effective communicator. It incorporates the communication research as it presents a pragmatic introduction to the concepts, principles, and skills of interpersonal communication.

    Weaving it Together 3

    R835,00 R910,99
    Helps learners build reading and writing skills through relevant readings and carefully structured writing exercises. This book helps you develop both language and academic skills.

    Higher English for CfE: Reading for Understanding, Analysis and Evaluation

    A brand new edition of the former Higher English: Close Reading, completely revised and updated for the new Higher element (Reading for Understanding, Analysis and Evaluation) - worth 30% of marks in the final exam!

    Communication Between Cultures

    R1 929,00 R2 441,51

    Better English Writing: Improve Your Writing Power

    Today we need to communicate well in writing, whether it's an email, a text, a CV, letter, presentation, short speech, report or if you are trying your hand at creative writing. This book is an affordable, quality book from Geddes & Grosset who have 26 years of experience in producing reference books.