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    Terrarium: 33 Glass Gardens to Make Your Own

    R366,00 R430,00
    This comprehensive guide to the world of terrariums details every part of creating highly unusual

    Food from your garden

    R254,00 R290,00
    Now, more than ever, the desire for fresh, nutritious produce, plus the spiralling cost of living, has encouraged more and more people to grow their own fruit and vegetables, regardless of the size of their garden, or even whether they have a garden at all!

    National Trust Tour of Britain

    R434,00 R510,00

    Indigenous plant palettes

    R421,00 R500,00
    At last a South African how-to with everything you need to know to create a dream indigenous garden. Accomplished landscape designer and botanist Marijke Honig puts forward the fundamentals in this comprehensive reference that is at once inspirational, practical and easy to use.

    The Big Allotment Challenge: The Patch - Grow Make Eat

    R402,00 R431,66
    A practical guide to a productive garden to accompany the 6-part series on BBC2

    Secret Gardens of the Cotswolds

    R402,00 R590,00
    A captivating portrait of the greatest British gardens and the lords, ladies and gardeners who own and manage them.

    The New Kitchen Garden: How to Grow Some of What You Eat No Matter Where You Live

    R491,00 R732,70
    A practical, how-to gardening book that uses the kitchen as its inspiration for what you grow in your garden.

    Grasses in the Garden: Design Ideas, Plant Portraits and Care

    R498,00 R675,00
    Practical guide to the use o grasses in the garden - to provide colour and shape, and as border plants for wooded and lakeside areas.

    Teaming with Microbes: The Organic Gardener's Guide to the Soil Food Web

    R364,00 R406,24
    Healthy soil is teeming with life not just earthworms and insects, but a staggering multitude of bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms. This title lists the benefits of cultivating the soil food web. It explains the activities and organisms that make up the web, and shows to cultivate the life of the soil through usage of mulches and compost.

    The Wild Garden

    R402,00 R569,06
    Envisions a naturalistic approach to gardening. This book advocates the usage of hardy, locally adapted native and exotic plants that are arranged according to local growing conditions. It includes 112 color photographs by Rick Darke. It is intended for those who wish to know how we have arrived at an understanding of gardens.

    The Cut Flower Patch: Grow Your Own Cut Flowers All Year Round

    R402,00 R590,00
    Louise Curley looks at what makes a great cut flower, ideal conditions and soil and the tools you'll need.

    The Allotment Almanac

    R307,00 R323,74
    A guide to organic vegetable growing and allotment life in general. It gives us: an overview of the plot; things to do this month; what to watch out for; key crops for the month; progress reports on all the standard veg; top variety tips; main tasks for the month; allotment; and tales.

    Sweet Peas: An Essential Guide

    R401,00 R732,70
    The sweet pea is a favourite flower of the gardener because of its delightful scent and diverse range of beautiful colours. This guide looks at the genus in detail and explains how the novice gardener or the seasoned grower can get the very most from their sweet peas.