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    The Sweet Treats Collection: 3 Books, 300 Truly Tempting Recipes

    R99,00 R150,00
    Slipcase to contain 3 books: 'Cupcakes', 'Cakes' and 'Chocolate'.

    Theodora Two Book Pack

    This two book pack contains two titles in the Theodora series, The Colour of Power and A Triple Headed Serpent

    A Walsh Family Collection

    This Collection Contains: Anybody Out There? Angels Rachel's Holiday

    A Game of Thrones: The Story Continues: The Complete Boxset of All 7 Books

    R945,00 R1 110,00
    HBO's hit series A GAME OF THRONES is based on George R R Martin's internationally bestselling series A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE, the greatest fantasy epic of the modern age.

    The Pearl Sister

    R240,00 R285,00
    CeCe D'Apliese has never felt she fitted in anywhere.

    Beautiful South Africa - A Colouring Book

    R79,00 R178,00

    The Sweet Life: Basics and Beyond

    MasterChef Australia 2011 winner Kate Bracks knows about desserts. This mouthwatering array of inspired dessert recipes includes favorites such as Apple Pie, Chocolate Cake, and Strawberry Mousse as well as fresh new ideas--such as Kate's Chocolate, Date, and Hazelnut Torte; Raspberry and Pistachio Frozen Nougat; and Vincotto Figs with Caramelised Walnuts and Mascarpone. Kate also puts modern twists on old classics, from her Spiced Creme Brulee, to her irresistible Peanut Butter and Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwiches, or her Brown Butter Cheesecake. This is food to weaken even the strongest resolve! The structure of the book is designed to guide the home cook from the "basics"--incorporating basic techniques, such as sauces and syrups; how to make the perfect meringue; make your pastry rather than buy it; how to cook with gelatine--to "beyond the basics" for the more confident cook. And, if you really want to impress, there's a Ramp it Up chapter at the end where all the techniques can be put together to wow your friends and family. There's also a code throughout the book to help you determine which recipes are most suited to your particular cooking desires and ability. Indulge your own sweet tooth with this glorious book of baked treats and dessert recipes from Australia's MasterChef 2011 winner; and don't forget the golden rule--always lick the bowl! Includes dual measures, as well as a list of gluten free, dairy free, and egg free recipes to help readers with specific dietary requirements.

    The Starter Kitchen

    R40,00 R373,67
    Designed with young palates, low budgets and inspiration in mind- The Starter Kitchen is ideal for students and younger cooks starting out in the kitchen, as well as anyone interested in learning the basics of setting up a well-equipped, useful kitchen.

    5 Ingredients - Quick & Easy Food

    Cooking doesn't have to be complicated - that's why Jamie's Jamie's 5 Ingredients - Quick & Easy Food is sure to become your new best friend in the kitchen.

    Every Day

    R100,00 R440,00
    Takes you through a typical week in the Granger household, from packed school lunches on Tuesday, to a Friday night dinner for friends and on to a relaxed big breakfast on Sunday. This title includes recipes for freezer essentials that can be prepared ahead, healthy alternatives to fast food and easy ideas for entertaining.

    The Next Element

    R99,00 R320,00
    Andy Allen tells the story of his amazing journey from apprentice electrician to winner of Masterchef Autralia 2012.

    Greedy Girl's Diet: Second Helpings!: Fab Food Fast for a Slim Life

    R99,00 R440,00
    Nadia's back with a host of family-friendly, healthy and nutritious recipes (including her famous desserts!) that can be prepared and on the table in less time than it takes for the pizza man to show up at your door.

    Marie Claire Cuisine

    R100,00 R584,76
    "marie claire Cuisine is the ultimate companion for the time-poor home cook who wants light and healthy food that appeals to the eye as well as the palate. Cooking fresh ingredients simply is the essence of Michele Cranston's philosophy, and in this book she equips cooks of every skill level with all the basics from breakfast to dessert."

    Roads less travelled- ultimate braaimaster II

    R99,00 R250,00
    This is the ultimate book for every guy or girl thatÆs ever lit a fire û whether youÆre still battling to get your mates to give you the tongs, or have already got yours à gold-plated.

    Cooking from the heart

    R99,00 R270,00
    These are recipes specially created to suit your mood - food that will give you a lift when you are feeling down, add that extra bit of joy to your celebrations, turn a romantic occasion into something fantastic, enhance moments of calm and serenity.

    Flavour First & Foremost: A Fresh Take on Flavour - 100 Unforgettable Recipes With Foreword by Alain Ducasse

    R60,00 R590,00
    The author shares his secrets, showing you how to think like a chef when you combine flavour profiles in fresh and interesting ways and how to use techniques to get out of your ingredients. This title includes hi famous Curried Tomato Soup and Bimbimbap Burger and an unbelievable Burnt Rice Milkshake (made with nutty toasted basmati rice).

    Easy cooking from Nina's kitchen

    R99,00 R160,00
    Easy cooking from NinaÆs kitchen is a homely and unpretentious cookbook. As the title so aptly states, Nina makes cooking easy by using affordable, locally available ingredients and recipes that will inspire one and all to cook with love! With over 100 recipes there is something for everyone.

    Seriously Good! Gluten-free Baking: In Association with Coeliac UK

    R100,00 R590,00
    A collection of 100 gluten-free baking recipes.

    The vegetarian kitchen

    R89,00 R250,00
    This illustrated cookbook features over 100 delicious vegetarian and lactose-free meals and is aimed at anyone who wants to eat meat-free, whether it's once a week, for a month or for life.

    Drizzle and dip: morning, noon and night

    R99,00 R195,00
    Sixty-five accessible recipes that appeal to both novice and expert alike. Broken into three chapters based on food eaten at particular times of the day: Morning, noon and night.


    R99,00 R250,00
    Featuring a brand new cover design, Koeke ter viering van liefde en lewe offers a wide variety of bakes from across the world, including traditional cakes, modern creations and everything in between.

    The cookie jar

    The Cookie Jar is a collection of 100 recipes for biscuits, cookies and rusks, written by Lisa Clark specifi cally for the home baker. The recipes have been thoroughly tried and tested and will please anyone who wants to bake their own biscuits for the cookie jar.

    The supper club

    R99,00 R300,00
    The supper club is a collection of easy-to-follow recipes for every occasion. The author, Phillippa Cheifitz, and a group of her friends get together for a supper once a month.

    The Indian Kitchen: Authentic Dishes from India

    Dive into the rich history, flavours and atmosphere of India with this mouthwatering cookbook. The Indian Kitchen is filled with delicious recipes, such as Spiced Gram Flour Rolls and Fish Tikka as well as gorgeous photographs of life in India.


    R99,00 R450,00
    Kostalgie is a nostalgic journey of Barbara Joubert’s travels through the world, country by country. It all starts in the Karoo where she was born. Memories and recipe’s from her childhood days combine for a glance back in time, updated with a modern twist. In Paris, France she discovered that French cooking is home food – like beef cheeks cooked in red wine. Portugal is the nation of seafood and pork. Joubert lived in London for 9 months and pub food was her introduction to British cuisine and Italian homemade pasta and ricotta cheesecake was a must to make. Turkey is one of the featured countries in the book. Although Joubert has never actually been there, she was inspired by a restaurant called Anatoli and felt she had to add that to the book. Africa’s wonderful spicy dishes bring the book to a close. The photography by Micky Hoyle is beautifully illustrative of the amazing produce and cultures throughout the book. So much so you feel you can almost taste the mouth-watering dishes brought to life by his stunning visuals.

    Die koekiefles

    Die Koekiefles is 'n versameling van meer as 90 resepte vir koekies en beskuit wat spesiaal vir die tuisbakker saamgestel is. Die resepte is getoets en geskik vir enigiemand wat nie kan wag om hul koekieflesse en -blikke vol te maak nie.

    The Middle Eastern Kitchen: Authentic Dishes from the Middle East

    The spice-laden kitchens of the Middle East are home to some of the most diverse ingredients in the world, and The Middle Eastern Kitchen invites you to start exploring exciting flavour combinations with these simple yet delicious recipes.


    R99,00 R250,00
    Sweet û a word that in the culinary realm conjures up notions of decadence, irresistible deliciousness, indulgence and yes, basically palate bliss. Those treats we crave when weÆre happy, sad or in need of a pick-me-up, and which make the world feel like a wonderful place. These are what Sam Linsell presents in Sweet û and so much more!

    Real food, healthy, happy children

    R99,00 R335,00
    In Real Food, Healthy, Happy Children, Kath Megaw offers a research grounded yet easy-to-grasp guide on what to feed children at the different stages of their development.

    Posh Nosh

    R99,00 R280,00
    This title is about the joy of cooking for friends and family, a sumptuous celebration of 'cooking because you want to - not because you have to'!