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    Practical Professional Cookery

    R1 092,00
    With this well-established cookery text, the authors cover everything from the most basic dishes to those requiring advanced techniques. The book continues to pay attention to the cost of materials, sensible eating, hygienic practices and good nutrition.

    Food in Early Modern Europe

    R1 507,00
    This unique book examines food's importance during the massive evolution of Europe following the Middle Ages.

    The Multicultural Cookbook for Students

    R2 197,00
    An updated and revised edition of the much-requested global cookbook designed to introduce students to worldwide foodways.

    Food in the Ancient World

    R1 760,00
    Presents the ways of life of four great ancient civilizations, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and Celtic, through their foodways. This book draws on writings of classical authors as well as on archeological findings to present intimate insight into ancient peoples. Many classical recipes are interspersed with the text, along with illustrations.

    Cooking in Europe: 1250-1650

    R1 185,00
    Ever get a yen for hemp seed soup, digestive pottage, carp fritters, jasper of milk, or frog pie? Would you like to test your culinary skills whipping up some edible counterfeit snow or nun's bozolati? This cookbook presents 171 recipes from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance eras.

    War Fare Commemorative Edition

    R1 500,00

    Cooking in Europe 1650-1850

    R1 185,00
    Offers an insight into cooking from the Baroque Era to Victorian times. This book features nearly 200 recipes, organized overall by the mini-periods of the Baroque and Rococo Era, the Reign of Louis XV to the French Revolution, and the reign of Napoleon to the Victorian Era.

    Global Home Cooking

    R1 139,00 R1 295,83

    Cooking in Ancient Civilizations

    R1 185,00
    Examining food and how it reflected social mores in various times and places throughout history, this is a cookbook on the Romans, Mesopotamians, Egyptians, and Greeks.

    Food in the United States, 1820s-1890

    R1 300,00
    Pillsbury came into being, as did Quaker Oats and other icons of American food. This volume describes the beginnings of many familiar mainstays of our daily life and consumer culture. It chronicles the shift from farming to agribusiness.

    Mrs. Lincoln's Boston Cookbook: What to Do and What Not to Do in Cooking (1902)

    R1 138,00 R1 153,54
    First published in 1883, the "Boston Cook Book" became a standard in American kitchens and was widely used in cooking classrooms. Lincoln, an instructor at the Boston Cooking School, influenced a generation of cooking professionals with this comprehensive cookbook.