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    Rainbow Magic Early Reader Pack

    This Pack Includes Ten Titles: Belle the Birthday Fairy Summer the Holiday Fairy Keira the Film Star Fairy Shannon the Ocean Fairy Destiny the Pop Star Fairy Mai the Bridesmaid Fairy Florence the Friendship Fairy Kylie the Carnival Fairy Flora the Fancy Dress Fairy Selena the Sleepover Fairy

    Lets Read! 12 Book Collection

    R329,00 R399,00
    This collection includes famous picture books from the likes of Julia Donaldson, Julie Monks and Children's Laureate Chris Riddell. All 12 books have been adapted into early readers and are just perfect for children who are growing in reading confidence.

    Oxford Reading Tree Read with Biff Chip Kipper: Level 4-6: 25 Book Collection

    Titles in This Set - Level-4: Phonics: Wet Feet, The Moon Jet, The Red Coat, Quick!, Quick! First Stories: Missing!, The Raft Race, Dragon Danger, The Spaceship Level-5: Phonics: Egg Fried Rice, Craig Saves the Day, Seasick, Dolphin Rescue First Stories: Hungry Floppy, Husky Adventure, Trapped!, Looking after Gran Level-6: Phonics: Grain's New Blue Shoes, Ice City, Save Pudding Wood, Uncle Max First Stories: Hairy-scary Monster, Mountain Rescue, The Lost Voice, Secret of the Sands and Extra Handbook with this collection is " Helping your child to Read"

    Clifford Big Red Adventure Boxed Set with CD

    Big Red Dog's adventure storybook set Clifford Big Red Adventures Taller than a house and redder than a fire engine, Clifford is everyone's favorite. Sometimes he gets into trouble, and sometimes he saves a day. Most of the time he has a lot of fun. All of the time he is a good dog and a true friend Come and join Clifford and his friends on adventures in the fun-filled neighborhood.

    Fly Guy and Buzz Mega Set

    The Box Set Includes 15 books: Hi Fly Guy Super Fly Guy Shoo, Fly Guy! There was an old lady who swallowed Fly Guy Fly High, Fly Guy! Hooray for Fly Guy! I Spy Fly Guy! Fly Guy Meets Fly Girl! Buzz boy and Fly Guy Fly Guy vs The Flyseatter! Ride Fly Guy Ride! There's fly Guy in My Soup Fly Guy and the Frankenefly Fly Guy's Amazing tricks Prince Fly Guy

    I Am Series Box Set - 10 Book & CD

    Scholastic Reader Science Reading Suite "I Am Science Readers Collection", With simple and easy to read words and phrases, let the children know the world around him in English. How did the caterpillar turn into a butterfly? How does the seed germinate? Why does the leaves turn red? These children often ask questions, Can be answered in the "I Am" series. In addition to watching with their parents, vivid illustrations of paper carving can also attract children to take the initiative to explore. "I Am Science Readers Collection" contains 10 scientific readings, and a reading CD.

    Dot and Dash Collection with CD

    This set of books contains 8 paperback books and a read aloud CD: 1. Dot and Dash Find a Friend (Theme: know a friend) 2. Dot and Dash Out and About (Theme: Teamwork) 3. Dot and Dash Make and Do (topic: mutual help) 4. Dot and Dash Go to Bes (Theme: life routine) 5. Dot and Dash Eat Their Dinner (Subject: picky eaters) 6. Dot and Dash Lots of Love (Theme: Understanding numbers) 7. Dot and Dash Dress Up (Theme: Dress) 8. Dot and Dash Learn to Share (Theme: Share)

    High-Frequency Readers Boxed Set with CD

    Complete set of 18 books, 21 flash cards and 1 CD Each of the 8-page readings, the length of the sentence about 1-3 lines, the use of close to the theme of student life, the introduction of English books in the 25 most frequently used high-frequency words (for example: I, see, like, the, Can). Reading repetition of the sentence patterns and words, so that students can easily learn to use high frequency words, and cognitive English reading the basic common sense, such as English reading should be from left to right, the use of periods and commas and Chinese are different, English Letters are case-sensitive segment, the English word is a combination of letters from the group, such as the concept.

    Magic School Bus Science Readers Box 1

    Includes these stories: The Magic School Bus Gets Recycled The Magic School Bus Gets Caught in a Web The Magic School Bus and the Shark Adventure The Magic School Bus Fights Germs The Magic School Bus Inside a Volcano The Magic School Bus Comes to Its Senses The Magic School Bus and the Butterfly Bunch The Magic School Bus Fixes a Bone The Magic School Bus The Wild Leaf Ride The Magic School Bus Arctic Adventure

    Magic School Bus Discovery Set 2 with CD

    The Magic School Bus Discovery set brings all of the fun and adventure from the original Magic School Bus series to children with a more advanced reading level. While still including the beloved illustrations which bring the series to life, this set is mostly text driven and designed to promote the enjoyment of independent reading. Let the Magic School Bus bring your child to the next level of learning. Includes read-along audio CD Stalins Nose, has based his brilliant illustrations on Persian miniatures. The Box Set Includes 10 books and 12 Audio CDs: Food Chain Frenzy CD 1-2, The Fishy Field Trip CD 1-2

    Magic School Bus Science Readers Box 2

    Scholastic Reader Level 2 The Magic School Bus Readers takes beginning readers past pages of colorful illustrations and magical bus rides with Ms. Frizzle and the class! Every book is an adventure filled with science and general knowledge fun waiting to be unraveled.

    Magic School Bus Discovery Set 1 with CD

    Bats, vanished ancient heads, space adventures, dinosaurs, sharks ... we're here! Always with the teaching theme, bold and fancy dress, cause students motives, and continue to encourage students to do strange, to explore the fees teacher, and her weird students, riding a magic school bus, again and again "impossible" Off-campus teaching, through personal experience and practice, absorb a wide range of natural science knowledge. Fasten the seatbelt, by turning pages to magic school bus English and natural science reading trip! Novels have illustrations to help provide clues to children in order to master the text, slowly increase the sense of accomplishment in English reading. Attached to the CD, in addition to enhancing hearing, you can listen to, re-enter the magic trip!

    Noodles Boxed Set with CD

    Learning music grading Reading series of the first level, suitable for 2 to 7-year-old child learning. Each book vocabulary of 250 words or so, mainly related to English common words, simple sentence, the child is the basis for reading chapter books, sentences rhythm sense, the story in accordance with the problems encountered, then use the sentence What shall I do? I have an idea! After the introduction of the story, the story catchy, very suitable for children. 1. It's too windy! (Gale!) 2. Don't cut my hair! (Do not cut my hair!) 3. I can help! (I'll help you!) 4. I'm not scared! (I'm not afraid!) 5. I hate my bow! (I hate bows!) 6. I am lost! (I'm lost!) 7. I love colors! (I love to paint!) 8. I love my tooth! (I love my teeth!) 9. I love my shadow! (I love my shadow!) 10. No kisses please! (Do not kiss me!) Includes an audio CD