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    Effective Financial Management

    R59,00 R170,85
    Financial management comprises more than accounting and reporting. This title starts with advice on raising money for a business, continues through maintaining investor relationships, includes useful information on accounting, reporting and communicating effectively with a range of stakeholders.

    How to Speak Money

    Explains everything from high-frequency trading and the World Bank. This book includes everything you need to demystify the world of high finance. It's a reference book you'll find yourself reading in one sitting.

    The Wolf of Wall Street

    R99,00 R215,00
    Stock market multimillionaire at 26, federal convict at 36, he partied like a rock star, lived like a king, and barely survived his rise and fall as an American entrepreneurial icon.

    Manage your money like a f*cking grown up

    R160,00 R190,00
    In this clear and engaging basic guide to managing your finances, Sam Beckbessinger covers topics from compound interest and inflation to ôYour brain on moneyö, negotiating a raise, and particularly local South African phenomena like ôblack taxö.

    The best pocket guide ever for minimising insurance

    R29,00 R120,00
    No one likes to pay for insurance, and because money is tight, many people are opting to live without cover. Yet it is an essential service in the event of an emergency, an accident or a loss, as without it, it takes people a long time to financially get back to where they once were.

    The 4-hour Work Week: Escape the 9-5, Live Anywhere and Join the New Rich

    R270,00 R320,00
    How to reconstruct your life? Whether your dream is experiencing high-end world travel, earning a monthly five-figure income with zero management, or just living more and working less, this book teaches you how to double your income, and how to outsource your life to overseas virtual assistants for $5 per hour and do whatever you want.

    The best pocket guide ever for a financially secure retirement

    R29,00 R120,00
    Just about everyone over the age of 40 worries about how their retirement years will turn out. A secure retirement is seen as the culmination of a life well lived. To retire wealthy and live a dream life free of hard work is the ultimate desire of almost everyone.

    Dead Companies Walking: How a Hedge Fund Manager Finds Opportunity in Unexpected Places

    R506,00 R595,00
    Subtitle in pre-publication: How investing in failure can yield unexpected profits.

    Financial Times Guide to Inheritance Tax, Probate and Estate Planning

    R368,00 R420,00
    This guide helps readers navigate the complicated maze of inheritance tax. It starts at the beginning showing you how to apply for probate, and carry on right through to finalising paperwork once probate has been granted. It offers long term strategies, showing readers how to minimise future inheritance tax liabilities.

    The Financial Times Guide to Selecting Shares That Perform: 10 Ways to Beat the Stock Market

    R368,00 R420,00
    Find an investment method that works for you, stick to it and increase your chances of making serious money on the stock market. This is the beguilingly simple promise of this classic investment book.

    A Force for Good: How Enlightened Finance Can Restore Faith in Capitalism

    R506,00 R595,00
    Some of the world's most respected financial minds explore how the industry can regain the public's trust and use its power--responsibly --for positive change

    In Bed with Wall Street

    R225,00 R265,00
    The 2008 financial crisis brought the US to its knees, and spawned nationwide protests against the lack of regulation facing Wall Street. Larry Doyle exposes how Wall Street, politicians, and regulators themselves have conspired for personal and industry-wide gains while failing to protect investors, consumers, and the American public.

    The Financial Times Guide to Corporate Valuation

    R486,00 R555,00
    A short, practical book that gives a thorough understanding and knowledge of valuation in just two hours. It tackles the most commonly used valuation methods in a quick and easy - yet comprehensive - way.