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    Trouble in Mind

    R79,00 R165,00
    A unique collection of short stories from the Number One bestselling master of misdirection Jeffery Deaver, author of THE BONE COLLECTOR.


    R59,00 R205,00
    Fourth Pretty Little Liars novel about four best friends and the secrets they are trying to hide from each other ...

    Picture Perfect

    R79,00 R195,00
    What do you do when the person who holds you together is the one who tears you apart? Jodi Picoult's compelling number one bestseller centres on domestic abuse.

    Tall, Dark & Fangsome: An Immortality Bites Novel

    The Immortality Bites series reaches its no-holds-barred conclusion.

    A slim, green silence

    R49,00 R180,00
    Constance West is dead. She is floating above her hometown of Scheepersdorp, unsure how long it has been since she died, since the cancer took her.

    The Serpentine Road

    The sensational sequel to the widely acclaimed The First Rule of Survival.

    The Promise

    The promise seemed simple. The scars would last a lifetime.

    In sneeu geskryf

    R59,00 R230,00
    In Rusland aan die begin van die twintigste eeu vind twee priesters vertroosting in mekaar se arms teen die Siberiese winter en die bloedige opmars van die Rooi Leer.

    The raft

    R69,00 R250,00
    On day zero, humankind collectively lost its memory. The collapse of civilisation was as instantaneous as it was inevitable.

    Recipes for love and murder

    R205,00 R240,00
    Meet Tannie Maria: SheÆs fifty-something, short and soft (perhaps a bit too soft in the wrong places) with brown curls and untidy Afrikaans. She is also the agony aunt for the local paper, the Klein Karoo Gazette.

    The Kremlin Device

    R59,00 R175,00
    Geordie Sharp is asked to undertake an SAS operation so outrageous that his conscience will barely allow him to carry it out. The ostensible aim of Operation Nimrod is to train a new Spetznaz unit to combat the threat of the Russian Mafia, but Sharp's orders contain a sinister hidden agenda.

    Cat O' Nine Tales

    R69,00 R170,00
    A book of short stories from one of the most popular novelists of our time.

    Our Tragic Universe

    R79,00 R175,00
    Could a story save your life?

    Of cops & robbers

    R69,00 R200,00
    Dawn light on the mountains, a two metre swell coming off False Bay. PI Fish Pescado û lithe, blond-haired, six-pack û is surfing. To Fish this is paradise. Except, he has no work, and a diminishing bank balance. Until a young surfer paddles up: æHey, Fish, thereÆs a pretty chick looking for you.Æ

    Anna Peters' year of cooking dangerously

    R49,00 R200,00
    Anna Peters has been dumped by her long-term love, Garry, and needs to figure out what to do with her broken heart.


    R49,00 R175,92
    A glorious retelling of the Russian folktale Marya Morevna and Koschei the Deathless, set in a mysterious version of St. Petersburg during the first half of the 20th century.