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    Livestock Guardians: Using Dogs, Donkeys and Llamas to Protect Your Herd

    Helps owners understand the keys to livestock protection: selection of the right guardian animal, proper guardian livestock bonding, dedicated training, and ongoing problem-solving. This book has three chapters addressing the use of guardian dogs: how to evaluate, train, understand, and socialize these canines.

    The Bee Friendly Garden: Easy Ways to Help the Bees and Make Your Garden Grow

    R366,00 R430,00
    Bees, our most important pollinators, are in decline the world over. They love to live in urban environments, where it's a short flight path from one type of plant to the next. But conventional gardens that favour lawns and pesticides over flowers and fruit trees are scaring the good bugs away.

    The Secret Life of Cows

    R179,00 R210,00
    WITH A FOREWORD BY ALAN BENNETT'A lovely, thoughtful little book about the intelligence of cows.' James Rebanks, author of The Shepherd's LifeCows are as varied as people.

    The Faraway Horses: The Adventures and Wisdom of One of America's Most Renowned Horsemen

    Telling the story of Buck Brannaman's life, this book gives horse owners the keys to understanding their animals. Buck Brannaman is a horse gentler - not a horse "breaker" - who has started more than 10,000 young horses in his clinics.

    Self-Sufficiency: Beekeeping

    R173,00 R250,00
    The importance of bees to the survival of the world's eco-system is often in the news, and more and more people are turning to beekeeping - even in a small or urban setting - for their own benefit and for that of the planet. Joanna Ryde covers all aspects of beekeeping in this book.

    Wisdom for Beekeepers: 500 Tips for Successful Beekeeping

    " Keeping bees in your own backyard, whether out in the country or right in the heart of the city, is all the rage these days. In this delightful collection of 500 beekeeping tips, honeybee expert Jim Tew provides all you need to know to get started in this rewarding hobby. For easy reference, the tips are divided into ten chapters, covering all aspects of beekeeping, from hives and equipment through buying your first bees to managing your colony and processing your honey crop. The tips are grouped logically so that beginners can build their knowledge gradually, while old hands might prefer to dip in and out at random or refer to the index to access specific topics. The tips are accompanied by simple annotated diagrams where required, and a series of specially commissioned linocut prints by printmaker Melvyn Evans rounds out this charming package"--

    An Account of the Introduction of Merino Sheep into the Different States of Europe, and at the Cape of Good Hope

    1810 translation of an 1802 French work describing breeding and husbandry practices, yields and prices of superfine wool around Europe.

    Get Started in Urban Beekeeping

    R293,00 R345,00
    A straightforward, step-by-step, guide to keeping bees in an urban environment from two of the UK's most experienced and respected beekeepers and writers on the subject.

    Ensuring Safety and Quality in the Production of Beef: Volume 2

    R4 824,00
    Volume 2 reviews developments related to quality, starting with the way breeding and growth affect meat quality. The book then discusses cattle nutrition and management before concluding with an assessment of factors determining individual quality traits such as colour and flavour.

    The Behaviour of Pinnipeds

    R7 899,00
    A compilation of essays on the molecular, individual, population and ecosystem levels of biological organization. Focusing in particular on behaviour, there are also analyses of the literature on seals.