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    My First Alphabet Activity Book: Develop Early Spelling Skills

    Develop early spelling skills

    Times Tables Book & Jigsaw Set


    Busy Bunny Days: In the Town, on the Farm & at the Port

    R129,00 R292,92
    An accessible hide-and-seek adventure with a fresh and adorable illustration style that begs to be read again and again.

    My South African ABC

    A lively book to learn your ABC but also a colourfully illustrated guide to South Africa, its celebrated places and well-known objects. Seasoned illustrator Sandy LightleyÆs bright illustrations bring the country to life while fostering an awareness of sounds and letters.

    I'm Not Sleepy: Helping Toddlers Go To Sleep

    R115,00 R135,00
    A practical and fun first experiences novelty book for toddlers about bedtime routines with parent and carer tips.

    Leer hoe laat dit is

    R115,00 R130,00
    Hierdie boek is vol eenvoudige verduidelikings en prettige aktiwiteite wat jou sal leer hoe om te weet en te wys hoe laat dit is.Æn Horlosie met arms wat kan beweeg, gee jou kans om dit wat jy geleer het te oefen û en om jouself keer op keer daarmee te toets. Die antwoorde is aan die einde van die boek.

    No More Nappies: A Potty-Training Book

    R115,00 R135,00
    A practical and fun first experiences novelty book for toddlers learning to use the potty.

    Dr Seuss I Can Learn!Opposites Learning Cards

    A pack covering the early learning basics of Opposites. Dr. Seuss and his crazy characters and wacky phrases are the perfect way to engage young children and guide them down a learning path - and have some fun while doing it! Sturdy, large format learning cards are perfect for little hands. The extra treatments to each card makes them that little bit more special! Engaging and zany, Dr. Seuss illustrations will entertain kids while they learn!

    Alphabet Frieze

    R140,00 R160,00
    This colourful frieze features the complete new Letterland A-Z - together for the first time! It is a suitable way to help children identify and recognise letters.

    Wipe Clean First Words Book: Wipe-Clean Scenes with Words to Trace

    R140,00 R165,00
    Wipe-clean scenes with words to trace.

    Sammy Snake's Snap

    R165,00 R190,00
    Suitable for speeding up letter recognition, this work includes cards which can also be used for word building and spelling games. It also includes games ideas and instructions.

    Letterland ABC

    R220,00 R250,00
    Each page in this book depicts a 'Letterland' character surrounded by objects that begin with its sound, so there's always plenty of opportunity for young learners to practice their growing phonics skills.

    Beyond ABC: Story Phonics - Making Letters Come to Life!

    R220,00 R250,00
    This sequel to the best-selling ABC Book teaches what happens when letters come together in a word.

    My First Book of Uppercase Letters

    R165,00 R190,00
    The Kumon Method enables children to progress successfully, by practicing material until concepts are mastered, and by advancing in small, manageable steps.

    How many ways can you say hello?

    R130,00 R150,00
    This delightful story of rhyming verse, accompanied by charming illustrations, is a must for all young South African children. And if parents/grandparents/carers arenÆt sure how to pronounce æhelloÆ in all 11 official languages, there is a CD of the text, narrated by the author herself, to guide with authentic pronunciation.

    Listen and Learn First English Words

    R129,00 R280,00
    A word book that lets you listen to 120 English words, spoken by a native speaker. Simply take one of the 10 cards (each features 12 words) out of the envelope and slot it in. Press 'go' and then press each of the pictures to hear how the word is pronounced. For preschool children learning English as either a first or second language.