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    Listen and Learn First English Words

    R129,00 R280,00
    A word book that lets you listen to 120 English words, spoken by a native speaker. Simply take one of the 10 cards (each features 12 words) out of the envelope and slot it in. Press 'go' and then press each of the pictures to hear how the word is pronounced. For preschool children learning English as either a first or second language.

    Sammy Snake's Snap

    R165,00 R190,00
    Suitable for speeding up letter recognition, this work includes cards which can also be used for word building and spelling games. It also includes games ideas and instructions.

    Big Capital Picture Code Cards

    R723,00 R826,00
    A pack of 33 cards including capital A-Z and the 5 long vowels.

    Second Reading Flashcards

    R184,00 R210,00
    A pack of 80 flashcards featuring decodable picture-coded words. It includes many game ideas, along with opportunities to create meaningful phrases and sentences.

    Make-a-Story Card Game

    R166,00 R190,00
    Play with well over 100 possible sentences to make imaginative stories with this fun card game. Bright colourful illustrations ensure readers of all abilities can have fun and learn at the same time.

    Big Picture Code Cards

    R723,00 R826,00
    A pack of 46 colour picture code cards featuring the lower case Letterland characters, the five long vowels, extra short vowels, and extra double consonants, known as the 'best friends'.

    Rhyming Flashcards

    R166,00 R190,00
    Help young children to identify words that rhyme and anticipate word endings.

    First Reading Flashcards

    R166,00 R190,00
    Features 65 double sided cards with plain letters on the reverse, both capital and lower case letters.

    My First Phonics Flashcards

    R236,00 R270,00
    This set of 125 double-sided cards features the Letterland alphabet in both lowercase and capital letters plus 58 rhyming flashcards and instruction cards.

    Word Cards: Mini Vocabulary Cards

    R166,00 R190,00
    Letterland Word Cards is a pack of 78 portable, durable cards providing key vocabulary for each a-z letter sound.

    Alphaprint Flash Cards: Letters

    R72,00 R85,00

    Phonics Touch & Spell Flashcards: Textured Spelling Flashcards

    R166,00 R190,00
    These fantastic textured flashcards feature 40 spelling patterns!

    Precursive Picture Code Cards

    R585,00 R668,00
    Features double-sided cards featuring a-z and the other phonemes and spelling patterns in the "Letterland Teacher's Guide". This title serves as a tool for focusing on phonemic awareness, role-play, language development activities and word building.

    Picture Code Cards Advanced

    R585,00 R668,00
    Contains 50 double-sided cards featuring the phonemes and spelling patterns taught in the "Advanced Teacher's Guide". This title serves as a tool for focusing on phonic structure, role-play, language development activities, word building and spelling.