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    Superpower or neocolonialist?

    R190,00 R265,00
    Given its economic and political power South Africa is undeniably an African superpower. Yet some accuse it of behaving like a neocolonialist bully. Liesl Louw-Vaudran answers this accusation by examining key events, from Thabo MbekiÆs reform of the AU to the peace-keeping mission in the Central African Republic in 2013.

    Dear Undercover Economist: The Very Best Letters from the Dear Economist Column

    R89,00 R165,00
    * The very best letters from Tim Harford's celebrated Financial Times 'Dear Econonmist' column, collected herewith NEW letters for the paperback edition

    The End of Money: The Story of Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain Revolution

    R129,00 R315,00
    The End of Money is an essential introduction to cryptocurrencies and the blockchain revolution which has been hailed as the greatest advancement since the invention of the internet.

    That Used to Be Us: How America Fell Behind in the World It Invented and How We Can Come Back

    R179,00 R813,94
    Friedman, a Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist, and Mandelbaum, a leading foreign policy thinker, analyze four major challenges America faces today and spell out what we need to do now to rediscover America and rise to this moment.

    Wellbeing economy

    R150,00 R175,00
    Economic growth is a constant mantra of politicians, economists and the media. Few understand what it is, but they love and follow it blindly. The reality is that since the global financial crisis, growth has vanished in the more industrialised economies and in the so-called developing countries.

    In math we trust: The future of money

    R145,00 R170,00
    Money is the most important human invention after language. It provides tokens for the faith we have in each other and society but that trust has been violated repeatedly throughout history by the middlemen and authorities we rely upon in order to transact with each other.

    Twilight of the Money Gods: Economics as a Religion and How it all Went Wrong

    R315,00 R370,00
    Of all the spate of recent books seeking to shed light on the sometimes arcane world of economics, we still need a narrative that would map the evolution - or rather, rollercoaster - of ideas about economics on to a broader history-loving audience. This is that book.

    The golden republic

    The Golden Republic tells of the adventure that raised the Republic to its peak and the complex intrigues that brought it down to the dust; of misfortune and riches, and despair of such magnitude that the birth of a Republic seemed inevitable considering the economic disaster it experienced à Until gold poked out its shiny head and gave hope again.

    Environment and Economy

    R421,00 R495,00
    As environmental issues move to the centre of the political debate, more attention is being focused on the role our economy has played in creating the ecological crisis, and what a sustainable economy might look like. This book offers an insight into the history of thinking that has linked economy and environment.

    When to Rob a Bank: A Rogue Economist's Guide to the World

    R188,00 R215,00
    A guide to the world of the Freak. It features blogs, conversations, wisecracks and advice from the last decade to reveal the outlandish truth about everything from lying to bank robbing, fast food to sex taxes.

    Local Economic Development in the 21st Century: Quality of Life and Sustainability

    R374,00 R440,00
    Provides a comprehensive look at local economic development and public policy. It places special emphasis on quality of life and sustainability. Drawing extensively on case studies at state and local levels, it includes both mainstream and alternative perspectives in dealing with economic growth and development issues.

    How the West Was Lost: Fifty Years of Economic Folly - and the Stark Choices Ahead

    R188,00 R215,00
    We think we know what's coming. But is it already too late? This title explores how the 'first world' has its wasted inheritance with flawed economic policy - and what can be done to reverse the decline.