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    100% Pallet: from Freight to Furniture: 21 DIY Designer Projects

    Artists have long been inspired by the often literally priceless treasure of discarded packing materials, and the field of interior design is no exception. Here, the humble wooden pallet is recycled and transformed to create chic and original pieces of furniture, devised by some of Europes innovative designers.

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    South African interior designers and decorators are as good as, if not better than many of their British, French and American counterparts.

    Becoming a Successful Graphic Designer

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    Never Use Futura

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    The Production Manual: A Graphic Design Handbook

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    Previous edition: Lausanne: AVA Academia, 2008.

    RAW: Pervasive Creativity in Asia

    RAW examines in detail how Asian creativity translates into commercial sense. We are shown, through sumptuous photography and incisive text, how creativity in Asia is borne out of adversity, opportunism, humour, competition and social networks.

    Postcards from the Design Museum

    R280,00 R320,00
    Features one hundred iconic works of art and design, published to mark Design Museum's relaunch in Kensington. This title contains 100 world-famous designs, including the first Apple computer, chairs by Eames, Norman Foster blueprints and Alec Issigonis' iconic Mini Cooper.

    Digital Painting Techniques: Practical Techniques of Digital Art Masters: Vol. 1

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    Lets you discover the tips, tricks and techniques that work for concept artists, matte painters and animators. This book helps develop your digital painting skills.

    The Fundamentals of Graphic Design

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    Offers an overview of a challenging and dynamic profession, covering a range of disciplines and media whilst exploring the role of modern graphic design. This book examines the familiar aspects of the graphic design process, such as art directing, copyright issues and web design, as well as the broader implications of graphic design.

    Doing Research in Design

    R213,00 R250,00
    A comprehensive exploration of design research methods, with particular focus on the social impacts of design.

    Basics Design: Print and Finish

    R536,00 R630,00
    An introduction to a variety of printing and finishing techniques for any graphic design project. Now updated to include studio interviews and student activities.

    Basics Design 02: Layout

    R247,00 R290,00
    Introduces the fundamentals of layout within the field of graphic design. This title provides a guide to the effective arrangement of text and image elements within a design scheme, enabling students to learn how to create powerful forms of visual communication in both print and electronic media.

    Cracking the Whip: Essays on Design and Its Side Effects

    R803,00 R945,00
    A collection of essays, intended for student designers, this book looks at design, whether in clothes, hardware, posters, cars, airports, chairs, lighting, vending machines, cities or bathrooms. It is on how we use design, language and instinct to navigate our everyday world. It is useful as a foundation for student designers.

    Typographic Style Handbook

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    A handbook in typography, for the professional and amateur text designer