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    On your bike

    R225,00 R265,00
    Keen to get out there and get fit? Seasoned mountain bike riders Chris and Tim Whitfield will help you turn your weekend-warrior dreams into reality with tips on trails, events and advice on everything from equipment and safety to mountain bike lingo and fashion. Packed with handy maps, this is your indispensable guide to getting on your bike à

    Riding the dragon's spine

    R20,00 R240,00
    When windmill-dodgers David Bristow and Steve Thomas followed their dream to blaze (and map) a mountain bike trail across South Africa, they hoped to be spared howling headwinds, freezing rain and slushy terrain.


    R170,00 R200,00
    From short, easy one-night escapes suitable for the whole family, to hard-core mountain adventures that will test even the most experienced, competitive racers, the 34 trails of southern Africa's best multi-day trails and wilderness journeys featured in this book cover the full spectrum of mountain bike tours on offer in South Africa.

    A History of Cycling in 100 Objects

    R434,00 R510,00
    A fascinating and quirky look at the history of cycling as seen through 100 objects that changed the bicycle as we know it.

    Re: Cyclists: 200 Years on Two Wheels

    R370,00 R435,00
    A bumpy ride through two centuries of cycling.

    Bicycling: 1000 All-time Top Tips for Cyclists: Top Riders Share Their Secrets to Maximise Fun, Safety and Performance

    R110,00 R129,00
    Top Riders Share Their Secrets to Maximise Fun, Safety and Performance

    The cycle tour

    The Cape Argus Pick 'n Pay Cycle Tour has become a global sporting phenomenon. From humble beginnings thirty years ago, it has grown into a landmark event around the spectacular Cape Peninsula that attracts a sell-out field of 35000 riders every year and is the biggest of its kind anywhere in the world.

    Basic Illustrated Bike Touring and Bikepacking

    An information-packed tool for the novice or handy reference for the veteran, this guide distills years of knowledge into an affordable and portable book. You'll discover the mechanics of bikepacking, covering but not limited to bikepacking basics, choosing the proper bike, gear carrying options, and trail riding tips.

    The Bicycling Big Book of Cycling for Women

    R391,00 R460,00
    The Bicycling Big Book of Women's Cycling by Selene Yeager is a Bicycling-branded instructional manual geared specifically toward women. It breaks down the sport of cycling down into easily digestible sections, beginning with the history of women's cycling and progressing into equipment, lifestyle, technique, training, and fitness goals.

    The 50 Greatest Bike Rides of the World

    R145,00 R170,00
    The best cycling routes in the world from the Yorkshire Dales to the volcanoes of Colombia

    The World of Cycling According to G

    R183,00 R215,00
    Like no other cycling book, from no other rider - Britain's Rio 2016 Olympic cycling star shares his unique take on the world of cycling

    Teach Yourself Cycling

    R157,00 R185,00
    Learn how to enjoy life on two wheels with this gorgeous, lovingly reproduced classic. Full of charming insights and observations as well as first class explanations of bike mechanics, this book, first published in 1953, deserves to be read by all keen cyclists.

    Bicycling Big Book of Training

    R391,00 R460,00
    Presents a book for novice and intermediate cyclists who are looking to advance their fitness and training. In this book cyclists will learn about how their body becomes fit and how that fitness translates to on-the-bike performance. It covers all the information the reader needs to begin an effective training regimen.

    What Goes Around: A London Cycle Courier's Story

    R179,00 R210,00
    At twenty-five, Emily Chappell took up cycle couriering while she searched for a 'real job'. This book records the pains and pleasures of life on wheels: the dangerous missions; the moments of fear and freedom, and ultimately the simple joy of pedalling onward.