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    The Fast Track to Human-Computer Interaction

    Human-Computer Interaction is important as a means of achieving competitive IT product designs. Providing coverage for a one semester course, the examples and activities are useful exam preparation tools for computing students on an introductory HCI course.

    Object-Oriented Software: Design and Maintenance

    This is a textbook for a course in object-oriented software engineering at advanced undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as for software engineers. It contains more than 120 exercises of diverse complexity.

    MATLAB: Data Analysis and Visualization

    MATLAB is the language of technical computing most known and used in academia, industry and services. The book looks at the main tools, in particular the Desktop, Command and History Window, Editor and the Help Browser. It features number of functions, graphics objects, related properties and operators, considered fundamental in MATLAB.

    Adobe Photoshop CC for Photographers: 2015

    R693,00 R815,00

    Sound and Recording: Applications and Theory

    R544,00 R640,00
    This easy-to-read reference, designed for those at an early stage in their careers, provides an introduction to the principles of sound, perception, audio technology and systems. Key facts are presented in self-contained fact files.

    The Non-Designer's Web Book: an Easy Guide to Creating, Designing, and Posting Your Own Web Site

    R556,00 R635,00
    Provides creative ideas, techniques, and basic design principles that are essential to Web design-all in the context of the technology, software, and standards. This work contains real-world examples, illustrations, and instructions you need to implement the techniques and concepts.

    The Adobe Photoshop CS6 Book for Digital Photographers

    R683,00 R780,00
    A digital photographer's guide to Adobe Photoshop CS6, explaining the program features, providing step-by-step instructions with sample screen shots and before-and-after images, and including tips to save time and jobs.

    High Performance Embedded Computing Handbook

    R986,00 R1 160,00
    From the history of high-performance computing to a discussion of future directions, this book offers coverage of various aspects of these computing systems, which have various applications in consumer electronics, radar, sonar, telecommunications, medical, and financial areas.

    Professional Portrait Retouching Techniques for Photographers Using Photoshop

    R683,00 R780,00
    For the first time, Kelby has assembled all of his best Photoshop techniques for professionally retouching portraits and has collected them here in this groundbreaking new volume.