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    Personality, Rights and the Freedom of Expression

    This text deals with the comparative theory and constitutional dimensions of freedom of expression in comparative, constitutional and cyberspace context. It covers the Actio Injuriarum; reputation and freedom of expression; elements of defamation; and defences excluding unlawfulness.

    Hahlo's South African company law through the cases

    This work offers a systematic overview of company law. Each topic is dealt with through an introductory text followed first by extracts from a wide-ranging selection of academic writings and then by case extracts.

    Administration of estates and drafting of wills

    This edition of Kernick's Administration of estates and drafting of wills follows the same approach that has made it, for nearly thirty years, so indispensable to busy legal practitioners and candidate attorneys.

    Southern Cross

    A collection of essays providing insight into the evolution of South African law, exploring the process of the integration of European civil law and English civil law. Each essay attempts to assess the level of interaction between the civil and the common law.

    Land Title in South Africa

    Land reform is a central aspect of the political and social reform agenda of democratic South Africa. This book begins with a survey of the history of discriminatory landholding, and then goes on to describe the land reform laws of the ANC government.

    South African Criminal Law and Procedure

    This edition gives full attention to the new constitutional context in which South African criminal law now operates. It also looks at the emerging culture of human rights and freedoms which has begun to generate a significant shift in perceptions of the "boni mores" of a new South African society.

    Administrative law

    Administrative law in South Africa has been dramatically transformed over the past 14 years since the enactment of the interim Constitution in 1994. This has resulted in a flood of judgments in which the new administrative law has been considered.

    Admiralty jurisdiction


    Law of persons sourcebook/Personereg bronnebundel

    The 5th edition of this bilingual sourcebook contains the most important decisions in the law of persons, providing an analysis of the decisions pertaining to this subject as well as judgments which illustrate the application of the substantive legal rules in a practical manner.

    Mineral law


    Law and Poverty: Perspectives from South Africa and Beyond

    "First published as (2011) 22:3 Stellenbosch Law Review."

    Hockly se insolvensiereg


    Customary law in South Africa


    Government liability

    Government Liability: South Africa and the Commonwealth is the first attempt to analyse in comparative terms the law of government liability and bureaucratic negligence in South Africa, England, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

    English for law students

    English for Law Students has been written by experts in communication and aims at encouraging dialogue and interaction between lecturer and student. The methodology used is not only useful to law students but also to those lecturers who do not have a legal background.

    Equality in the workplace

    South Africa's history of colonialism and apartheid has created deep patterns of inequality and poverty.