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    Herbstein & Van Winsen

    R3 125,00
    Herbstein & Van Winsen is a work of key importance to practitioners in the high courts of South Africa, as well as to scholars interested in civil procedure. This edition has been revised to incorporate twelve years of new legislation and case law.

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    Globalizing Information: The Economics of International Technology Trade

    R2 632,00
    Presents important analyses of international trade, technology transfer and the global economics of intellectual property rights. This book includes chapters, ranging from theoretical modeling to empirical and statistical analysis, and policy contributions. It addresses questions in the determinants of trade, foreign direct investment, and more.

    Judicial Power and American Character: Censoring Ourselves in an Anxious Age

    R2 909,00
    This work examines judicial power as an integral part of America's increasingly anxious and intolerant society. Nagel argues that judicial decisions are often an effort to stifle disagreement and to censor important beliefs and important traditions. Covering controversial topics, the analysis crosses conventional political and philosophic lines.

    The Complete American Constitutionalism: Introduction and the Colonial Era: Volume One

    R3 139,00
    In The Complete American Constitutionalism, Volume One: Introduction and The Colonial Era, the authors provide the building blocks for constitutional analysis with an in-depth exploration of the constitutional conflicts in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries that formed the overall American constitutional experience.

    Terrorism: Hybrid Warfare and the Gray Zone Threat: Volume 141

    R4 059,00
    Terrorism: Commentary on Security Documents is a series that provides primary source documents and expert commentary on various topics relating to the worldwide effort to combat terrorism, as well as efforts by the United States and other nations to protect their national security interests.

    The Law of the Labour Market: Industrialization, Employment, and Legal Evolution

    R4 174,00
    Examines the evolution of the contract of employment in Britain through an investigation of changes in its juridical form during and since the industrial revolution. The initial conditions of industrialization and subsequent growth of a particular type of welfare state have shaped the evolutionary path of British labour and social security law.

    The Roman Law of Trusts

    R4 174,00
    A history of Roman law and how it affected society, focusing on the legal evolution of the "fideicommissum", a device similar to a "trust" in common law. As part of Roman inheritance law, this affected strategies of succession open to testators and reveals ambitions and legislative concerns.

    The Use and Abuse of Unjust Enrichment: Essays on the Law of Restitution

    R4 174,00
    A collection of essays on the law of restitution by a lawyer who has specialized in the subject. It does not purport to be a textbook on restitution, but it covers most of the important topics and should therefore prove useful to law students, academic lawyers and practitioners.

    Disease and the Compensation Debate

    R4 174,00
    The author calls for a fundamental rethinking of the debate on compensation for personal injuries, which is distorted because of its focus on victims of traumatic accidents, neglecting the more numerous victims of other sources of disability.

    In a Time of Trouble: Law and Liberty in South Africa's State of Emergency

    R4 634,00
    Describes the efforts of a number of South African lawyers and judges in the struggle against apartheid through the use of law. The author covers the constitutional framework and various courts and their procedures.

    Case Law of the World Bank Administrative Tribunal: Analytical Digest: v.2

    R5 439,00
    Sets out to analyze the judgements and orders by the World Bank Administrative Tribunal which were handed down between early 1988 and 30 June 1991. This volume includes Decisions 55 to 104 and any Orders made in that period.

    Patterns of American Jurisprudence

    R4 059,00
    This study offers a comprehensive analysis of American jurisprudence from its emergence in the later stages of the 19th century through to the present day. This book is intended for scholars and advanced students of American jurisprudence, legal theory and legal history.

    The Frontiers of Liability: v.1

    R3 139,00
    This is the first volume of essays arising out of a series of high-level seminars held in All Souls College, Oxford during the Spring of 1993. The contributors, among them distinguished judges and academics, have produced essays of sparkling quality which will be essential reading for anyone concerned about the future direction of English law.

    The Legal Framework of the Church of England: A Critical Study in a Comparative Context

    R5 439,00
    This work describes the formal law of the Church of England, the internal system of rule making within the church and the applicability of secular law to church activities. It covers many topics, which are examined and compared with the Canon Law of the Roman Catholic Church.