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    The land is ours

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    The Land Is Ours tells the story of South AfricaÆs first black lawyers, who operated in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

    Understanding the employment equity act

    Understanding the Employment Equity Act deals with one of the most innovative instruments of post-apartheid labour market regulation, the Employment Equity Act, 1998 (EEA).

    Criminal law workbook


    Rental Housing Act 50 of 1999

    This new title in the JutaÆs Pocket Statutes series contains the Acts and applicable regulations in a concise pocket-sized book. The first edition reflects the law as at 25 April 2014.

    Law: The Basics

    R208,00 R245,00

    Principles of the Law of Mortgage, Pledge and Lien

    This title deals with the three important branches of the law relating to security. Within a small compass it analyses in critical detail the governing rules. In particular, it is a practical guide to current practice.

    Understanding Land Tenure Law

    Understanding Land Tenure Law contains a commentary on land tenure law in South Africa together with the three key pieces of legislation: the Land Reform (Labour Tenants) Act, the Extension of Security of Tenure Act and the Prevention of Illegal Eviction from Unlawful Occupation of Land Act.

    Supervising safety

    R183,00 R212,00
    Supervising Safety is about the implementation of safety measures in an organisation. The book looks at safety theory where it makes the most difference û as it is applied in the workplace. Safety officers are central to the practical application of safety, and their role is clearly spelt out.

    Judges in conversation

    Legal luminaries from around the world met at South Africa's constitutional court to discuss the judiciary's influence in effecting societal change, its relationship with the state and the marginalized and its role in breathing life into the rights to equality, free speech and life.

    Everyone's guide to labour law

    R228,00 R260,00
    The one guide no employer or employee can do without! South African labour legislation prescribes to employers and employees what they are able to do, when they are allowed to do it, and how. It is, in reality, a potential minefield.

    The Poverty of Historicism

    R170,00 R200,00
    "The Poverty of Historicism" is a devastating criticism of the idea that there are fixed laws in history and that human beings are able to predict them. Popper dedicated the book to all those "who fell victim to the fascist and communist belief in Inexorable Laws of Historical Destiny".

    Administrative law through the cases

    This text provides students with a variety of case materials on different aspects of administartive law. Each chapter begins with a short summary of the law and the legal issues raised in the chapter, followed by extracts from case law. As far as possible, the latest case law is used.