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    The Land is Our History: Indigeneity, Law, and the Settler State

    The Land is Our History chronicles indigenous activism in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand in the late twentieth century and shows how, by taking their claims to court, indigenous peoples opened up a new political space for the negotiation of their rights.

    The Electronic Media and the Transformation of Law

    R3 829,00
    This is the first book to explore the broad influence of computers and television on the American legal process.

    The Electronic Media and the Transformation of Law

    R1 668,00
    This study explores the broad influence of computers and television on the evolution of the American legal process. The author asserts that the electronic media have an increasingly powerful impact on all facets of American law - its methods, values and societal role.

    A Casebook on Roman Family Law

    R3 484,00
    This casebook presents representative texts from Roman legal sources that introduce the basic problems arising in Roman families, including marriage and divorce, the pattern of authority within households, the transmission of property between generations, and the supervision of orphans.

    American Law in a Global Context: The Basics

    Provides an introduction to the American legal system from a global perspective. This book is designed to help the foreign student grasp the basic ideas of pedagogy, legal institutions and substantive law in the US. It serves as a reference source for LLM students, undergraduates, and students of US law in other countries.

    Measuring Judicial Activism

    R1 921,00

    The Shape of Athenian Law

    R1 990,00
    This systematic survey of the law of ancient Athens is based on discussion of how the subject might be studied. It incorporates such topics as the democratic political system and social structure, and attempts to reshape our understanding of how the Athenian legal system operated.

    Commercial Aspects of Trusts and Fiduciary Obligations

    R6 704,00
    The theme of the essays in this volume recognizes the continuing practical importance of equity in the law today. It focuses on the commercial context, in particular the fiduciary obligations of those in whom trust or confidence is reposed and in the consequences of any breach of those obligations.

    Objectivity in Law

    R3 829,00
    This treatise addresses a central topic in contemporary jurisprudence, namely whether it is possible for legal interpretations to be objective. The author claims that objectivity is possible in law, offering arguments based on metaphysics, philosophy and meta-ethics to reinforce his theory.

    Law, Language and Legal Determinacy

    R2 311,00
    This work discusses the role of language within law and the role of philosophy of language in understanding the nature of law. It argues that the major re-thinking of the common and "common sense" views about law that have been proposed by various recent legal theorists are unnecessary.

    State Responsibility for Transboundary Air Pollution in International Law

    R6 129,00
    This volume analyses the unique nature of problems that transboundary air pollution presents in international law. While examining the subject as a unified field, a distinction is made between pollution from industrial and nuclear operations.

    The American Tradition of International Law: Great Expectations 1789-1914

    R1 990,00
    This volume, the first of two, charts the emergence of the American tradition of international law from its English roots in the 18th century to the outbreak of World War I in 1914. This intellectual history sets out to explain how America has arrived at its present approach to international law, and thus illuminates its distinctive foreign policy.

    The Nature of the Crown: A Legal and Political Analysis

    R4 404,00
    This work draws together a collection of essays written by experienced academics and practitioners that explores what the Crown is, or might be, in contemporary theory and practice and the critical issues relating to it.

    Human Rights Approaches to Environmental Protection

    R2 311,00
    This collection of essays explores links between the environment and human rights, and responds to the growing debate among activists, lawyers, academics and policy-makers on the legal status of environmental rights in both international and domestic law.