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    SAIT student compendium 2016

    The 2016 SAIT Student Compendium, now in its 3rd edition, includes Acts and other materials relevant to the Tax Professional Occupational Qualification curriculum. This edition includes the Customs Duty Act 30 of 2014, excerpts from the Customs Control Act 31 of 2014 and the Excise Duty Act 91 of 1964.

    Supervising safety

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    Supervising Safety is about the implementation of safety measures in an organisation. The book looks at safety theory where it makes the most difference û as it is applied in the workplace. Safety officers are central to the practical application of safety, and their role is clearly spelt out.

    Rights Limited

    The purpose of this text is to aid the interpretation and application of the South African Constitution. The author illustrates her arguments by referring to foreign and local case law as well as drawing on philosophical understanding and debate.

    Unjustified enrichment

    R1 195,00
    This is the first title on the South African law of unjustified enrichment, covering the entire field of this area of the law. It aims not only at giving an accurate description of the current law, but also to investigate new solutions to old problems, making use of comparative insights.

    Should we consent?

    South Africa has one of the highest levels of reported rape in the world, and legislative reform was seen as an essential step towards shifting the understanding of rape and its treatment within the criminal justice system.

    Mercantile law in Botswana

    A practical reference volume produced primarily for students of commercial law in Botswana. Apart from coverage of six major areas of commercial law this book also includes an accessible digest of the leading cases and the principles they establish, plus related statutory provisions.

    The Compulsory Acquisition of Rights

    The law of Expropriation has been changed by the Constitution in important respects, including the circumstances in which Expropriation may be used for land reform, and the measure of compensation. It will feature prominently in South Africa's land reform programme.

    Global administrative law

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    The papers critically explore the concept of Global Administrative Law in theory and its relevance to developing countries; the efficacy of regulatory regimes focussed on international trade and finance; and recent developments in the crucially important area of intellectual property law.

    Understanding sectoral determination 9

    Understanding sectoral determination 9: The wholesale & retail sector presents a non-legalistic commentary on the specific minimum conditions of employment applicable to persons employed in South Africa in this sector.

    Sectional titles and other fragmented property schemes

    This title explains the idea of urban fragmented property holding in South Africa, with reference to the different forms of urban fragmented property schemes introduced by legislation.

    Refugee law in South Africa


    A guide to the protection of personal information act

    The Protection Of Personal Information Act (POPI) has introduced a comprehensive set of principles which will govern the collection, use, storage, transfer, sharing and destruction of personal information. The reach of the Act is wide as it will apply to all businesses and the state.

    Criminal procedure legislative guide

    Criminal procedure legislative guide contains a useful collection of legislation which will assist students of criminal procedure with their study and exam preparation as well as in the answering of assignments.

    Judges in conversation

    Legal luminaries from around the world met at South Africa's constitutional court to discuss the judiciary's influence in effecting societal change, its relationship with the state and the marginalized and its role in breathing life into the rights to equality, free speech and life.

    Administrative law

    Administrative law in South Africa has been dramatically transformed over the past 14 years since the enactment of the interim Constitution in 1994. This has resulted in a flood of judgments in which the new administrative law has been considered.