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    Everyone's guide to the Consumer Protection Act

    Whether you want to buy a television or a car, provide a service, file a consumer complaint or return an item to a seller, you need to know your rights under the new Consumer Protection Act ...

    Business Law in Zimbabwe

    This comprehensive edition covers all areas of business law in the Zimbabwean context. It includes cases and legislation, and South African, English and other authorities have been relegated to the detailed footnotes.

    The new constitutional and administrative law

    Of interest or benefit to: Students, Academics, Lawyers

    Case book on the law of partnership, company law and insolvency law/Vonnisbundel oor die vennootskapreg, maatskappyereg en insolvensiereg

    Case law is an important part of the study material of law students. This case book aims to facilitate the task for students in partnership law, company law and insolvency law.

    Administrative law through the cases

    This text provides students with a variety of case materials on different aspects of administartive law. Each chapter begins with a short summary of the law and the legal issues raised in the chapter, followed by extracts from case law. As far as possible, the latest case law is used.

    The Law of Insurance Intermediaries

    Of benefit or interest to: Lawyers, Insurance companies, agents and brokers, Academics and students, Libraries.

    Botswana company law service

    The enactment of the Companies Act 2003 has transformed companies legislation in Botswana and introduced a completely new corporate culture to the country. This title is a comprehensive distillation of companies legislation in Botswana in one volume.

    Companies Act 61 of 1973, Close Corporations Act 69 of 1984 and Regulations

    The Companies Act 61 of 1973, Close Corporations Act 69 of 1984 & Regulations is a source of first reference to the student and practitioner of corporate law. One of the lengthiest Acts on the South African Statutes Book is here presented in a very manageable format, together with related legislation.

    The fate of the child

    Decisions that radically affect children's futures - whether custody decisions on divorce, adoption placements, or juvenile court decisions - have life-long consequences. This book presents the evidence from an interdisciplinary collaborative project set up to research how legal decisions on children are being made in South Africa.

    Mars the Law of insolvency in South Africa

    R1 615,00
    Mars the Law of insolvency in South Africa has established itself as a specialist work that has for decades been the guide for insolvency practitioners, members of the Bench, insurance companies and other financial institutions. The title is also an indispensable tool in the Master's office.

    Supplement to the Botswana Company Law Service 2009

    The Companies Act 2003 (No 32 of 2004) was a major milestone in Botswana's legal history. The Act was enacted by Parliament on 10 December 2003, received presidential assent on 2 September 2004 and come into force on 30 April 2007 when the Regulations were enacted.



    Tax law


    The Law of Marriage

    This text reflects the changing legal and socio-political environment within which marriage in South Africa is regulated. It also attempts to delve into the implications of the constitution. The Marriage and Matrimonial Property Law Amendment Act (3) of 1988 is analyzed at leng

    The Law of Succession in South Africa

    Of interest or benefit to: Lawyers, Academics, Students, Libraries