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    Everyone's guide to the Consumer Protection Act

    Whether you want to buy a television or a car, provide a service, file a consumer complaint or return an item to a seller, you need to know your rights under the new Consumer Protection Act ...

    East West Street: On the Origins of Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity

    R179,00 R420,00
    A uniquely personal exploration of the origins of international law, centring on the Nuremberg Trials, the city of Lviv and a secret family history

    Law and Poverty: Perspectives from South Africa and Beyond

    "First published as (2011) 22:3 Stellenbosch Law Review."

    South African Criminal Law and Procedure

    This edition gives full attention to the new constitutional context in which South African criminal law now operates. It also looks at the emerging culture of human rights and freedoms which has begun to generate a significant shift in perceptions of the "boni mores" of a new South African society.

    Law, Life and Laughter Encorel

    This is a book of legal humour and piquant revelations of personalities in the law of southern Africa. There are about 600 entries dealing with some 160 main characters and a host of minor ones, and text from a number of books, law journals, magazines, newspapers, manuscripts, and communitcations.

    The fundamental principles of effective trial advocacy

    The fundamental principles of effective trial advocacy guides the trial lawyer in developing a winning theory and using it throughout every phase of the trial. The text focuses in depth on each phase of the trial from opening statement to examination-in-chief, cross-examination and final argument.

    Understanding the skills development act

    Understanding the skills development act contains an accessible, non-legalistic commentary on the skills development act, which promotes the advancement of the skills of the South African workforce. The act is systematically covered with FAQs and key point summaries to aid understanding.



    Understanding unemployment insurance law

    Understanding Unemployment Insurance Law forms part of the Juta's Pocket Companions series. Titles in this series explain key legislation in non-legalistic language, in an affordable accessible format.

    Principles of delict

    Places the law of delict in a contemporary setting, with emphasis falling on recent decisions of the courts and possible future directions. It should provide the student of the law of delict with a concise, yet critical, perspective on this branch of law.

    Landlord and Tenant

    Originally published in 1973, this text examines the letting and hiring of immovable property in South African law. This new, revised edition reflects the change that this field of law has undergone in the last 20 years.

    Government liability

    Government Liability: South Africa and the Commonwealth is the first attempt to analyse in comparative terms the law of government liability and bureaucratic negligence in South Africa, England, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

    English for law students

    English for Law Students has been written by experts in communication and aims at encouraging dialogue and interaction between lecturer and student. The methodology used is not only useful to law students but also to those lecturers who do not have a legal background.

    Equality in the workplace

    South Africa's history of colonialism and apartheid has created deep patterns of inequality and poverty.