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    Everyone's guide to the Consumer Protection Act

    Whether you want to buy a television or a car, provide a service, file a consumer complaint or return an item to a seller, you need to know your rights under the new Consumer Protection Act ...

    East West Street: On the Origins of Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity

    A uniquely personal exploration of the origins of international law, centring on the Nuremberg Trials, the city of Lviv and a secret family history

    Taxation of legal costs in South Africa

    Taxation of Legal Costs in South Africa provides clear and practical guidance on taxation of costs, which will assist in determining reasonable costs in line with the existing legal system. Taxation is about the quantification of legal costs and therein lies the crux of any costs issue.

    The criminal law of Botswana

    A general introduction to the criminal law of Botswana. It seeks to elucidate the substantive criminal law of Botswana.

    Mercantile law in Botswana

    A practical reference volume produced primarily for students of commercial law in Botswana. Apart from coverage of six major areas of commercial law this book also includes an accessible digest of the leading cases and the principles they establish, plus related statutory provisions.

    The Compulsory Acquisition of Rights

    The law of Expropriation has been changed by the Constitution in important respects, including the circumstances in which Expropriation may be used for land reform, and the measure of compensation. It will feature prominently in South Africa's land reform programme.

    Global administrative law

    R550,00 R594,00
    The papers critically explore the concept of Global Administrative Law in theory and its relevance to developing countries; the efficacy of regulatory regimes focussed on international trade and finance; and recent developments in the crucially important area of intellectual property law.

    Understanding sectoral determination 9

    Understanding sectoral determination 9: The wholesale & retail sector presents a non-legalistic commentary on the specific minimum conditions of employment applicable to persons employed in South Africa in this sector.

    Sectional titles and other fragmented property schemes

    This title explains the idea of urban fragmented property holding in South Africa, with reference to the different forms of urban fragmented property schemes introduced by legislation.

    Refugee law in South Africa


    A guide to the protection of personal information act

    The Protection Of Personal Information Act (POPI) has introduced a comprehensive set of principles which will govern the collection, use, storage, transfer, sharing and destruction of personal information. The reach of the Act is wide as it will apply to all businesses and the state.

    Southern Cross

    A collection of essays providing insight into the evolution of South African law, exploring the process of the integration of European civil law and English civil law. Each essay attempts to assess the level of interaction between the civil and the common law.

    Truth, Reconciliation and the Apartheid Legal Order

    This work reveals, in the words of those who testified, how the judges failed to uphold the rule of law in the "rebuilding" of the South African nation. For the most part, the lawyers of apartheid deserted its victims. However, as the author shows, many continue to commit a more serious crime.

    Insolvency law casebook

    A proper grasp of the law of insolvency can be acquired only by reading and digesting a sizeable volume of case law. This text, designed to complement "Hockly's Insolvency Law", allows students and practitioners to come to terms with a broad range of insolvency cases.

    Land Title in South Africa

    Land reform is a central aspect of the political and social reform agenda of democratic South Africa. This book begins with a survey of the history of discriminatory landholding, and then goes on to describe the land reform laws of the ANC government.

    Essential employment discrimination law

    This work examines the role that the law plays in the eradication of unfair discrimination and promotion of affirmative action in the workplace