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    Disney Mini Board Books - Princess - Belle: A Busy Day

    R29,00 R77,01
    Belle and the Beast are very busy. Follow them from waking in the morning to falling asleep at night and learn all the 'doing words' as you go.

    Disney Mini Board Books - Princess - Cinderella: Dressing Up

    R29,00 R77,01
    A great little book to help you learn all about opposites with your favourite Disney Princess Cinderella!

    Fisher-Price Board Books

    This very special Fisher-Price Book and Bookend set features two very cute Fisher-Price Wooden Bookends and four fun and clever Fisher-Price Board Books!

    Elephant in the Jungle

    R24,00 R64,92
    This is a pair of unique cloth books for babies each of which comes packed in a tidy integral bag which forms a little grab toy with ties for attaching to cot or buggy. Pull the book out and it unfolds to reveal an eight-page colorful, washable cloth book four times the size of its bag, attached by a strap to keep it secure.A little elephant-shaped grab bag contains images of farm animals in a cloth book.

    Pop-up and Play Farm: A Pop-up Gift Book!

    R99,00 R299,00
    An amazing pop-up farmyard!

    Dig! Scoop! Pop Up & Play

    Dig, whirl and swoosh your way through this book with the BIG pop-up vehicles inside.

    Dressing Up Fun!

    R39,00 R128,47
    Little Honey just loves to dress up! But how on earth will she deside what to wear today? Help Little Honey choose outfits, then mix them up and start again.

    My Treasury of Teddy Tales


    My Splish! Splash! Book - Boat

    Plastic baby books - just what the little ones will want to play with in the bath. Bright colours will keep them amused.


    A first look at the opposites for preschoolers with bright bold photography and a simple word labels.

    Baby See and Say First Animals

    R89,00 R137,81

    My First Words


    I am 4

    R34,00 R40,00
    Now I am 4... I can run and write and share my things. Explore the touchy-feely number and discover all the things you and Little Giraffe can do now you are 4!

    Fisher-Price Meet the Animals

    R59,00 R219,81


    R29,00 R35,00
    A fun and colourful Puffy Board book of My First JCB

    Splish! Splash! Book: Frog

    ellow "Splish Splash frog " Baby Waterproof Cloth Cognize Book Educational Infant Developmental Bath Fun Toys 6*6 inch15*15cm