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    0 Kids Corner - The Percy Jackson Series by Dom Nicholas


    Why I like to read it:

    The Percy Jackson series is about action and adventure.  It is written in a way so that it seems like Percy is doing his adventures just as they are happening in the book, in other words, in the present tense. 

    Another reason I like to read these books is because they teach you a lot about mythology.  These books are written in a  way that Greek Mythology is in the modern world. 


    What these stories are about:

    These Percy Jackson stories are about Percy saving the world with his friends and allies from camp half-blood.  Percy always has a way to get himself into trouble but no matter what the cause he always gets out of trouble with the help of his friends. 


    Why you should read them:

    I think you should read them because it teaches you a lot about mythology and can give you a laugh at the same time.  These stories can get your concentration skills up 59%.  It can also do you a lot of good if you have ADD, ADHD.  If you would like to read even more about Percy Jackson then you can read Heroes of Olympus. 



    Click the image to see more about the wonderful Percy Jackson series.


    About the Author.

    Dom is a wonderous 10-year-old little boy who absolutely loves to read. 

    He enjoys all things to do with adventure, armies, rugby, drum playing and hunting snakes. 

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    Introducing The Ugly Five by Julia Donaldson

    As you may have heard the incredible Julia Donaldson recently visited South Africa on her world tour, yes she is such a rockstar that she has her very own world tour! 

    What you might not know though is that while Julia was here she met inspiration in the strangest of places and wrote a whole new story for all of us to enjoy.

    Julia took her inspiration for her new story, The Ugly Five, from her visit to South Africa and shares her first encounter with the Ugly Five, 

    Julia says:“The inspiration for The Ugly Five came when I was on a safari in South Africa. We saw a herd of wildebeest and my husband remarked that they looked quite noble, to which our ranger replied, “Actually, Malcolm, I hate to tell you this but the wildebeest is one of the Ugly Five.” I immediately pricked up my ears as he told us the names of the other four ugly animals, and before that drive was over I knew what the story was going to be.

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    Must Reads Before They Hit The Big Screen!

    Your To Be Read book list is about to get a serious upgrade. Have a look at our most anticipated Books to Screen adaptations happening in the coming year.

    We do realise that a few of these have already been released but we couldn't not include them... So we did!