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    Ice Cream

    On a hot day there is often nothing better than a scoop or two of cool, velvety, rich home-made ice cream. So tantalise your taste-buds with the recipes in this book, which are easy to make and include all the favourites, along with indulgent ice creams for entertaining and fruit ice creams and sorbets to refresh. There are even some sauces for when you want to add something special!

    Jam Drops and Marble Cake

    A collection of over 140 baking recipes. It includes recipes that range from peach blossom cake to Anzac biscuits, from raspberry coconut slice to scones.

    Whoopie Pies: 30 Recipes for Treats for Every Occasion

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    A cheerful, yummyt delicious treat. Scrumptious, gooey delightful to eat. A creamy filling as think as the cake, an array of variations you'll love to bake.

    Home Baking

    Learn how to bake stunning sweet and savoury creations with Home Baking. Everyone from the novice to the accomplished cook will appreciate the stylish, easy-to-follow approach and learn to create delicious home baking for every ocasion.

    Practical Cookery - Desserts

    Desserts are the perfect end to a good meal and from time to time there is nothing like a little indulgence. Whether you are looking for something sweet to enjoy in the afternoon, or a treat for a special occasion, this collection of recipes will satisfy even the sweetest tooth. This book offers a selection of the best recipes from around the world, plus indispensible tips for preparing and serving a wide range of sweet treats.

    1 Mix 50 Muffins

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    From just one simple batter, create fifty mouthwatering muffins. Whether it's for a healty breakfast snacks, indulgent mid- afternoon nibble or a dreamy dessert muffins are versatile and easy to make the ultimate convenience food!


    R29,00 R278,59
    With a dab of bright icing and a sprinkle of colour, you can transform drab sugar cookies into glowing planets, plain marshmallows into scary zombies and simple cake pops into blooming flowers. Meaghan Mountford,?creator?of?the?blog?The?Decorated?Cookie?and?the?Edible Crafts?editor?of?,?shares?her?secrets?for?producing adorable, edible art. Full of beautiful colour photos and illustrated step-by-step directions, this guide will demystify professional techniques so that anyone can learn how to pipe icing like a pro and have fun with fondant. YOU'LL LEARN HOW TO CREATE: Milkshake cake pops Barnyard animal snack cakes Petit-four presents Deep sea creature cupcakes Marshmallow villages and much more! With the lively inspiration and foolproof directions in this book, you can discover how to personalise any sweet treat and turn your home kitchen into a studio for sugarlicious works of art! Meaghan Mountford has been a professional cookie decorator for over a decade. Her cookies have appeared in the New York Times, the Washington Post, Modern Bride and Chocolatier magazine. She is the author of Cookie Sensations and lives in Washington, DC, with her husband and daughter.

    Cakes for Romantic Occasions: Over 40 Cakes for Weddings and Other Special Celebrations

    R99,00 R323,53
    Collects cakes to suit various occasions, from traditional wedding cakes to quirky Valentines treats and cupcakes to share with your loved ones. This title not only shows you how to create beautiful cakes with ease, but also advises you on the best way to transport, display and serve your cake.

    Love Bake Nourish: Healthier Cakes, Bakes and Puddings Full of Fruit and Flavour

    R249,00 R560,00
    We are all aware of the benefits of eating seasonally and healthily, and yet often this isn't something we consider when baking. Amber believes that cakes, bakes and puddings should use fruit and honey to give sweetness and ancient flours to give depth and flavour. Baking is always indulgent but, with Amber, it can be nourishing too.

    Planet Cake Celebrate: Cake Making for All Occasions

    R60,00 R245,58
    Be the star of the party with Paris Cutler's inspiring guide to cake-making for birthdays, fundraisers, bridal showers and more. With playful ideas and detailed instructions, even complete beginners to cake decorating will find themselves creating little masterpieces.

    The Sweet Treats Collection: 3 Books, 300 Truly Tempting Recipes

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    Slipcase to contain 3 books: 'Cupcakes', 'Cakes' and 'Chocolate'.

    Merle's Kitchen

    R99,00 R495,00
    One of life's simple pleasures is the lingering aroma of a freshly baked cake, especially one you have made yourself. Cooks everywhere are rediscovering the satisfaction that comes from old-fashioned baking at home. And in this delectable world of cakes, scones, sponges and puddings, one home cook stands out from all the rest--Merle Parrish. Merle is the latest MasterChef sensation, winning the judges' admiration for her impeccable technique and near-perfect cakes. She has been competing from the age of 7 in state cookery competitions, and became a judge herself in 1988 when she completed her Country Women's Association Judges' Certificate. At 78 she shows no sign of relinquishing her crown. Now she shares some of her prize-winning recipes in this irresistible book: her famous Peach Blossom Cake, her divine Chocolate Cake, her scones, tarts, slices, biscuits and sponges. With a little flour, butter, eggs and sugar, Merle creates unforgettable kitchen alchemy. Find out for yourself how to whip up some magic. Merle lives in Cudal, near Orange in NSW, and continues to compete in shows. She recently won the inaugural Donna Latter Memorial Trophy for Supreme Chocolate Cake..

    Slice and Biscuit Perfection

    Learn how to make and decorate these nut, fruit and chocolate creations. from Chocolate pecan fingers to hot borwnies with white choclate sauce, these recipes will completely satisfy and sweet tooth.


    R119,00 R464,04
    Packed with fantastic tasty treats and novelty cupcake ideas, this exciting, easy-to-follow recipe book is perfect for both beginners and experts. With stunning food photography, you'll be inspired to cook up lots of culinary delights.

    Baking Made Easy

    R179,00 R470,00
    A tv tie-in with Lorraine Pascale, the model baker.

    Cute Cakes: 50 Delectable Recipes for Every Occasion

    R60,00 R110,00
    Containing 50 delicious cakes recipes for various occasions, this title lets you indulge in classics such as Victoria Sponge and Frosted Lemon and Lime Drizzle Cake, as well as exotic adventures, including Lemongrass, Ginger and Lime Leaf Chocolate Tart, and Cinnamon Spice Plum Cake.