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    Cape landscapes

    R3 524,00
    In 1834, Sir John Herschel, perhaps the most celebrated astronomer of his time, arrived at the Cape of Good Hope to spend four years observing the southern sky.

    The Ecology of Urban Habitats

    R2 932,00
    A survey of the ecology of plants and animals in such familiar habitats as parks, gardens, cemeteries, wasteland, industrial sites and shopping centres. Emphasis is placed on successful relationships, regional patterns of variation and those habitat factors that are peculiar to towns and cities.

    Modernism and the Spirit of the City

    R4 174,00
    This selection of groundbreaking essays offers a significant and long overdue reassessment of the aims and intentions of European architecture and urbanism over the period 1880-1960.

    Women's Places: Architecture and Design 1860-1960

    R4 174,00
    This book provides new information and new interpretations in the study of gender, material culture and the built environment in the period 1860-1960.

    Design for Earthquakes

    R2 622,00
    This accessible guide to seismic design examines what earthquakes do to buildings and what can be done to improve building response to earthquakes. International examples and photographs are included as important learning aids in understanding the effects of earthquakes on structures.

    Architecture in Black

    R3 983,00
    This text argues that architecture, as an aesthetic practice, and blackness, as a linguistic practice, operate within the same semiotic paradigm. The book presents a systematic analysis of the theoretical relationship between architecture and blackness.

    Japanese Love Hotels: A Cultural History

    R4 358,00
    Drawing on theories of place, consumption and identity, this book details the evolution of the love hotel in urban Japan since the 1950s.

    James Stirling

    R4 174,00
    Includes writings by and about James Stirling (1924-1992), arguably one of the most influential and controversial post-war British architect.

    Underground Space Design: A Guide to Subsurface Utilization and Design for People in Underground Spaces

    R3 346,00
    Underground space development may be one of the most significant was to contend with urban predicaments such as congestion, lack of open space, and aging infrastructures. However, designers must consider whether or not people will be willing to live and work in what could be perceived as inhospitable environments.

    Pedestrian Malls, Streetscapes and Urban Spaces

    R3 139,00
    An analysis of the pedestrian malls built during the urban renewal period of the 60's and 70's, and of new urban open space designs. Explores the trend towards, and away from, full pedestrian malls, and analyzes newer project types, such as festival marketplaces and mixed-use urban spaces.

    Buildings and Power: Freedom and Control in the Origin of Modern Building Types

    R2 655,00
    Aims to shift the focus of architectural debate from themes of art and technology to an analysis of social meanings. Building forms provide answers to questions of power, order, classification and function. This study covers the period from the Enlightenment to the French and Industrial Revolution.

    Architecture as Experience: Radical Change in Spatial Practice

    R4 174,00
    This text investigates the perception and appropriation of places across intervals of time and culture. The particular concern of the volume is to bring together fresh empirical research and animate it by contact with theoretical sophistication, without letting that overwhelm the material.