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    Design Tools for Evidence-Based Healthcare Design

    R1 046,00 R1 230,00

    Le Corbusier: Ideas & Forms

    R2 108,00 R2 480,00
    Revised and expanded edition of this comprehensive study of Le Corbusier

    Maintainability of Facilities: For Building Professionals

    R1 596,00
    Focuses on spearheading the integration of maintainability, right from the design stage. This title aims to improve the standard and quality of design, construction and maintenance practices to produce efficient facilities that require minimum maintenance. It covers the technical issues related to maintainability of major components of a facility.

    The Hieroglyphics of Space: Reading and Experiencing the Modern Metropolis

    R1 850,00
    An edited volume containing contributions from eminent theorists across visual culture, architecture, sociology, art, philosophy and American studies including Andrew Benjamin, Barry Curtis, Neil Leach, Steven Pile and David Frisby.

    Roman Architecture

    R1 161,00
    In this comprehensive and accessible text, Frank Sear traces the evolution of Roman architecture during the four centuries from the late Republic to AD 330, when Constantine moved the empire's capital to Constantinople.

    James Stirling: Early Unpublished Writings on Architecture

    R1 161,00
    Includes writings by and about James Stirling (1924-1992), arguably one of the most influential and controversial post-war British architect.

    From Synagogue to Church: The Traditional Design: Its Beginning, Its Definition, Its End

    R1 299,00
    A synagogue expresses heavenly values in earthly materials, the proportions defined by numbers. This text examines these secret designs, unravelling their history in relation to the Temple, and the links with church design.

    Illustrated History of Landscape Design

    R1 305,00
    Landscape design history greatly influenced today's design process and design solutions. I llustrated History of Landscape Design provides an overview of landscape design, including the iconic spaces throughout the centuries, starting from landscapes in prehistory to current trends in landscape design.

    Architect's Essentials of Negotiation

    R1 070,00
    "Where do you turn if you are an architect or student wanting to deepen those skill sets that will make you a more successful professional? Well, taking a look at Ava Abramowitz's new book, "The Architect's Essentials of Negotiation" will be a step in the right direction.

    Managing Wetlands on Golf Courses

    R1 587,00
    The management of wetlands is often an area of uncertainty. This book instructs golf course superintendents on how to successfully manage different types of wetlands and also offers information on the fundamentals of conservation and restoration.

    The Words between the Spaces: Buildings and Language

    R1 850,00
    The authors use texts about such projects as Berlin's new Reichstag, Scotland's Parliament, and the Auschwitz concentration camp museum to clarify the interaction between texts, design, critical debate and response.

    Architecturally Speaking: Practices of Art, Architecture and the Everyday

    R1 850,00
    Architecturally Speaking is an international collection of essays by leading architects, artists and theorists of locality and space. This book will appeal to urbanists, geographers, artists, architects and cultural historians.

    Planning for Crime Prevention: Trans-Atlantic Perspectives on Defensible Space

    R1 735,00
    A comparative study of defensible space and Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) as applied in the USA and the UK, focusing particularly on urban experience.

    Architects' Guide to Fee Bidding

    R1 483,00
    This is a step-by-step guide through the complexities of fee bidding and provides a source of reference to successful bidding. A detailed discussion of the philosophy of design management and architectural management is developed as a backdrop to the preparation of a bid.