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    Cats and Dogs

    R20,00 R70,00
    Discover a talent to draw in this great series that will teach readers everything they need to sketch with confidence. Starting from a simple shape, each step adds a little extra until the complete picture is drawn, which can be coloured or decorated.

    Donna Wilson's Creative Creatures: A Step-by-Step Guide to Making Your Own Creations

    R99,00 R265,00
    A beautiful and inspiring craft book in which the creatures show you how to get creative

    My Splish! Splash! Book - Baby

    Plastic baby books - just what the little ones will want to play with in the bath. Bright colours will keep them amused.

    Splish! Splash! Book: Frog

    ellow "Splish Splash frog " Baby Waterproof Cloth Cognize Book Educational Infant Developmental Bath Fun Toys 6*6 inch15*15cm

    Bizzy Bear Fun on the Farm

    Bizzy Bear is a busy bear today! He's off to the farm. Toddlers can help him count the ducks, feed the goats and find the eggs before he waves bye-bye. Bizzy Bear books are perfect for little hands, with lots of chunky things to push and pull.

    2001 Ultimate Stickers

    R129,00 R362,28
    Bursting with games and overloaded with fantastic puzzles, every page is crammed with amazing activities and things to make and do! With over 2001 stickers, discover deadly dinosaurs, cool diggers, beastly bugs and awesome aircraft inside this perfect book for boys.

    Waybuloo Amazing Hidden Pictures Activity Book

    R30,00 R85,00
    These books feature heat-reactive ink. When the ink is warmed with your hand, it momentarily vanishes to reveal hidden images, clues or answers. The covers feature shiny foil and a visual showing the ink in action, making an eye-catching shelf display. Ages: 2+

    The Mr. Men Show Amazing Heat-reactive Activity Book

    R20,00 R95,00
    Amazing Heat-Reactive Activity Book Rub the heat-reactive shapes on each page to play the wacky Dillydale games and activities! Anything could be hiding underneath the shapes. It could be an answer, it could be an picture or it could be Mr. Messy chewing a sock! Just warm your hands, rub the heat-reactive shapes and all will be revealed!

    What's Cooking, Chowder?: Sticker Activity Book

    R10,00 R86,12
    An introduction to Chowder and his world. It lets you join Chowder and the rest of the gastronomical gang for a big helping of fun.

    Princess Colouring Book

    R20,00 R38,94
    Princess party bag colouring pack with fun stickers 4 identical colouring books to share with your friends at your party

    Parties: Sticker Activity Book

    R29,00 R60,00
    Amazing things for you to make - and then decorate them with over 100 special stickers! Whether you want to make your own invitations or cater for your friends with cheesy tarts and fancy cocktails, this activity book packed with stickers will show you all you need to know about party arts and crafts.

    LEGO Ninjago Brickmaster - includes 140 LEGO bricks and two exclusive Ninjago minifigures

    R249,00 R330,00
    Suitable for children, this title describes building with the LEGO bricks, using them again and again to build 15 exclusive Ninjago models. It includes 140 LEGO bricks and two exclusive Ninjago minifigures.

    Test Track Sticker Activity Book

    R15,00 R70,00
    Part of "Top Gear" series, this book lets you have fun solving crosswords, remembering the order of the Power Lap board and testing your super car knowledge.

    Doctor Who: Companion Activity Book

    R10,00 R85,00
    Helps you to complete the activities and add up your scores to find out if you've got what it takes to travel in the TARDIS. This title also helps to find some friends to play the exciting Companion Challenge game, with press-out Quiz and Challenge cards.

    ZingZillas: Zinging Sticker Activity

    Introduces the ZingZillas - a grooving, zinging band of popstar primates rocking to you on CBeebies. This sticker activity book lets you join Zak, Tang, Panzee and Drum.

    ZingZillas: Big Zing Sparkly Sticker Activity Book

    R20,00 R65,00
    The ZingZillas are a groovy band of popstar primates. This activity book helps you join Zak, Tang, Panzee and Drum. It is crammed full of drawing, games and activities, with lots of sparkly stickers.