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ISBN13 9780241250068
Contributor Bates, Doreen
Format Hardback
Height 209.0
Width 149.0
Thickness 31.0
Publisher Penguin Books Ltd
Publication Date 2016-11-03
Full Description The true story of a surprisingly modern romance in war-stricken London London, 1934. Doreen Bates is working in the same office as E, an older married man. In the years just before the war, they develop an irresistible attraction to one another and strike up a passionate affair. Doreen records it all with startling candour in her diary - secret midnight walks, countryside escapades and stolen moments of intimacy. But Doreen starts to long for a child with E. Despite all the taboos of the time, and against the wishes of E, she is determined to become a mother - even though she knows that her decision will provoke anger and shame from her family, friends and colleagues. Eventually she gets pregnant and is amazed when twins are born during the war. However, Doreen faces an uncertain future - will E ever leave his wife and join his new family? This is the story of a young woman forging her own path in a period of turbulence and uncertainty.
Author Biography Doreen Mary Bates, the author of this diary, was born on 25 April 1906, the first child of Rosa and Wyndham Bates. When Doreen joined the Inland Revenue, E had been working in it for several years and was married to Kathleen, a ballet teacher. Doreen Bates' children, Margaret and Andrew, edited this diary.