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    Woodwork made easy

    R29,00 R129,95
    Woodwork made easy is a guide that introduces DIY enthusiasts and amateur carpenters to the full range of techniques and equipment required to tackle a wide range of projects.

    Pewter Craft

    R129,00 R300,15
    An illustrated guide to 40 original pewter projects.

    50 upcycling-projekte

    R295,00 R365,00
    Kyk met nuwe oe na ou goed en omskep dit in iets pragtigs en bruikbaar. 50 projekte, wat in vaardigheidsvlak wissel van maklik to gevorderd en voorsiening maak vir die hele huis, word onderneem. Die projekte bevat duidelike stap-vir-stap instruksies en gedetailleerde fotoÆs. Wees kreatief!


    R29,00 R262,95
    The tablesaw is the foundation of most serious workshops. This work provides an introduction to the subject, describing the different types of tablesaw on the market, what to look for when choosing one, and how to set it up and maintain it for lasting accuracy and reliability. It describes how to make and use many different jigs and fences.

    Making Great Furniture: 30 Inspiring Projects from Top Makers

    R99,00 R387,69
    Features 24 original projects, conceived and presented by some respected carpenters in the industry. Organised into four sections, this book represents the major styles of furniture design. An introduction for beginners to these styles, it is fully illustrated in colour with 24 of Ian Hall's airbrushed artwork, 200 photographs and instructions.

    Making Screw Threads in Wood

    R29,00 R239,20
    Find out what a screw thread is and how it functions. Gain a good understanding of screw threads and the techniques used to cut them in wood and then apply them to any project you want.

    Metalwork projects made easy

    R29,00 R129,95
    Projects made easy is a guide for making metal items and furniture. It has easy to follow step-by-step instructions that will help you tackle welding techniques, even if you have never welded before.

    Houtwerk sonder moeite

    R29,00 R129,95
    Maklike Houtwerk: 'n stap-vir-stap gids stel selfdoen-entoesiaste en amateurskrynwerkers bekend aan al die tegnieke en toerusting wat nodig is om 'n groot verskeidenheid projekte aan te pak.

    Metal work made easy

    R29,00 R94,95
    This title is on welding and related techniques, both technical explanations and actual projects in the same volume.

    Trim Made Simple

    R79,00 R341,08
    Lets readers discover what a difference moulding can make - transforming a plain vanilla room into something special. This title also contains a DVD that shows how to case a door and window and install baseboard, chair rail and crown moulding.


    R29,00 R239,20
    Discusses features to look for in a scrollsaw. This title teaches basic techniques and skills by providing photographs and instructions. It allows the reader to practise those skills with a project section including 18 projects, including key-ring holders, towel rail, nameplate and boot rack.

    The Urban Woodsman: A Modern Guide to Carving Spoons, Bowls and Boards

    R310,00 R365,00
    Hand carving is easy, satisfying and therapeutic. Create your own unique pieces and carve with confidence thanks to detailed information on tools, cutting techniques and clear step-by-step photography accompanying each project.

    Steampunk Emporium: Creating Fantastical Jewelry, Devices and Oddments from Assorted Cogs, Gears and Curios

    R284,00 R458,11
    Let Steampunk Emporium outfit you for the unabashed adventure of a lifetime.

    The Pen Turner's Workbook: Making Pens from Simple to Stunning

    R249,00 R301,34
    Helps you learn to make pens that are both practical - and beautiful! This title provides new pen kits and mechanisms with techniques, along with the instruction and creative ideas for both the novice and the experienced turner looking for new ideas.

    The Real Wood Bible: The Complete Illustrated Guide to Choosing and Using 100 Decorative Woods

    R286,00 R310,00
    Practical and inspiring, this the complete full-colour illustrated A-Z guide to choosing and using the world's most decorative woods for anyone who works with wood - crafters, carpenters and interior designers.

    The Mini-Lathe

    The mini-lathe is a useful tool in the model engineer's workshop. With more choice of more compact machines, a mini-lathe is able to accommodate a wide range of engineering requirements, projects and techniques. This title shows the application of mini-lathe techniques. It is suitable for the engineer and for those with limited workshop space.