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    Three gunslingers ambushed Shell Tucker's father, stealing his gold and leaving the man to die. But when Shell rides out in pursuit of the outlaws, crossing Comanche territory and searching through rough frontier towns, he finds more than revenge at the end of his bloody trail.

    The Walking Drum


    The Burning Hills

    They had him cornered on a canyon rim with no way to go but down. There was a rock as big as a buckboard right on the edge of the cliff. Trace Jordan took hold and heaved, and the rock rolled free. Then he heard the echoing screams of a man and horse falling away into darkness. Once again, storyteller Louis L'Amour thrills readers with a vividly authentic tale of the old West.

    Lonesome Dove

    R295,00 R309,20
    "With a new preface by the author"--Cover.

    The Broken Gun

    Begin with the massacre of 27 innocent men. Follow it with two brutal murders almost 90 years later. Add two curious guerrilla fighters and a beautiful girl. Mix with a pack of vicious killers, and you have L'Amour's blistering novel of action and adventure in the new West.



    Ferguson Rifle

    Stripped of all he values in life, Ronan Chantry picks up his prized Ferguson rifle and heads west--into an unknown land and an uncertain future. For an educated man, Chantry is surprisingly tough. For a civilized man, he is unexpectedly dangerous. But even he can't know his true courage until he draws fire of a man who will do anything for gold.

    The Warrior's Path


    Under the Sweetwater Rim

    To secure the land of their ancestors, the Indians did what they had to do--atack wagon trains. Mysteriously, one wagon train escaped. In it was the major's daughter and a cavalry officer with renegade notions--and $60,000 in gold. Now, prepared to do battle with all comers, they make their stand.




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    Comstock Lode


    Return of the Gun Fighter

    R121,00 R254,90
    While eking out a precarious livelihood rearing pigs, ex-bank robber Randy Cole has been asked to help a homesteader who is being threatened with eviction. The aging gunfighter is loath once again to take up arms until he learns that the victim is an old side-kick.

    Lonely on the Mountain: A Novel

    The 40th anniversary celebration of the Sacketts continues with this classic L'Amour adventure. To help a cousin in need, the Sackett brothers drive 1,100 head of cattle across the wide Dakota plans toward Canada, weathering adversity along the way.

    High Lonesome: A Novel

    After robbing the Obaro bank, Considine, and his band of outlaws head for the safety, of the Mexican border, but the trail of a lone girl pursued by Apaches leads them to an unexpected showdown.

    New Comancheros