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    Literature, Travel and Colonial Writing in the English Renaissance, 1545-1625

    R2 652,00
    What was the purpose of representing foreign lands for writers in the English Renaissance? This study argues that writers often used their works as vehicles to reflect on the state of contemporary English politics, particularly their own lack of representation in public institutions.

    An American Odyssey

    R2 548,00

    Feasibility Studies for Hotels

    R2 948,00

    The Natural History of the Long Expedition to the Rocky Mountains, (1819-1820)

    R3 176,00
    Acquiring the Louisiana Territory almost doubled the size of the USA, adding 800,000 square miles of land scarcely explored or mapped. This text offers a history of the 1819 expedition - the first scientific exploration of the territory to be accompanied by trained naturalists and artists.

    Under the Syrian Sun, Volume One

    R2 715,00
    Under the Syrian Sun is a fascinating travelogue of a journey to Lebanon, Syria and Palestine during the nineteenth century by a woman writer, A. Cunnick Inchbold. The two volumes are adorned with illustrations by the watercolorist Stanley Inchbold (born in London in 1856).

    Adventures in Arabia: Among the Bedouins, Druses, Whirling Dervishes, and Yezidee Devil Worshipers

    R2 569,00
    Contains the author's reminiscences among several Middle Eastern cultures. In this work the author narrates his time with the Bedouins, the Druses, Dervishes, and Yezidees. It is intended for those interested in the Middle East.

    Tourists at the Taj: Performance and Meaning at a Symbolic Site

    R4 642,00
    This book presents for the first time a sociological analysis of the cultural phenomenon, the Taj Mahal. It describes many of the tourist practices around the Taj as well as considering the notion of tourism in a wider context.

    Exploring European Frontiers: British Travellers in the Age of Enlightenment

    R2 799,00
    Focusing on the writings of British 18th-century travellers, the book shows how a new view of Europe was created, one that juxtaposed the customs and living conditions of populations in an attempt to define "modern" Europe against a "yet unenlightened" Europe.

    Expanding Sphere of Travel Behaviour Research: Selected Papers from the 11th International Conference on Travel Behaviour Research

    R4 285,00
    Suitable for researchers, and graduate students in the field of transportation and urban planning in general, and in travel behaviour analysis in particular, this volume of the 11th International Conference on Travel Behaviour Research, held in Kyoto, Japan, in August 2006, examines key issues and emerging trends in the field of travel behaviour.

    Schoolmaster to an Empire: Richard Henry Brunton in Meiji Japan, 1868-76

    R2 799,00
    A first-hand account of a 19th-century English engineer and his key role in the technical developments of the time. Hired aged 27 by the Japanese as engineer in charge of a lighthouse project to light the coast of Japan, his adventures serve as a case study of a hired foreign servant in Japan.