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    Chasing the Devil: The Search for Africa's Fighting Spirit

    R79,00 R320,00
    Chasing the Devil tells the story of Tim Butcher's audacious expedition from Freetown at the mouth of the Sierra Leone river overland through forest-covered mountains and malarial plains to the coast of Liberia. His journey follows the route trekked by Graham Greene in 1935 and immortalised in his travel classic Journey Without Maps.

    Herinneringe aan Parys

    R49,00 R265,00
    Parys . . . die stad wat ek bo alle ander liefhet û het Andre Brink in sy outobiografie geskryf. Hierdie bundel bevat 'n keur uit sy destydse boeke oor Parys: Pot-Pourri (1962) en Parys-Parys: Retoer (1969).

    Walking the Nile

    R79,00 R210,00
    In November 2013, former soldier Levison Wood embarked on one of the last great explorations; to walk the Nile from source delta. Here is his story...

    The Faber Book of Exploration

    R99,00 R360,00
    What does it feel like to walk off the edge of a map? To emerge dazed, dying yet triumphant, from the Amazon? Benedict Allen's anthology of human exploration ranges across various terrains - hot and cold deserts, mountains and plains, jungles and high seas - and presents the words of those who, through the centuries - be they Vikings or missionaries, conquistadors or botanists - have set off into 'the unknown'. 'Immaculately edited and shrewdly considered ...a hugely readable compendium.


    R99,00 R450,00
    Kostalgie is a nostalgic journey of Barbara Joubert’s travels through the world, country by country. It all starts in the Karoo where she was born. Memories and recipe’s from her childhood days combine for a glance back in time, updated with a modern twist. In Paris, France she discovered that French cooking is home food – like beef cheeks cooked in red wine. Portugal is the nation of seafood and pork. Joubert lived in London for 9 months and pub food was her introduction to British cuisine and Italian homemade pasta and ricotta cheesecake was a must to make. Turkey is one of the featured countries in the book. Although Joubert has never actually been there, she was inspired by a restaurant called Anatoli and felt she had to add that to the book. Africa’s wonderful spicy dishes bring the book to a close. The photography by Micky Hoyle is beautifully illustrative of the amazing produce and cultures throughout the book. So much so you feel you can almost taste the mouth-watering dishes brought to life by his stunning visuals.


    R425,00 R500,00
    Obie encompasses a decades-long sweep of his lifeÆs work and covers the globe. It is part coffee-table book, part travelogue, part autobiography and part storybook, with a bit of philosophy thrown in for good measure.

    Die honger reisiger

    R49,00 R215,00
    Die honger reisiger is sowel 'n lekkerlees reisbundel as 'n reseptebundel sonder saaits. Marie Heese weet hoe om 'n storie te vertel sodat jy dit nie kan neersit nie.

    King Solomon & the showman

    R250,00 R280,00
    The lost city of southern Africa and its untold riches fascinated the Romans, European explorers and writers such as Rider Haggard. Adam Cruise sets out on a personal quest across the Kalahari to find the mythical city that inspired King SolomonÆs Mines, and æthe Great FariniÆ, the daredevil showman at the heart of the legend.

    Franschhoek memories

    In 1986 the author moved, somewhat unexpectedly, to a farm in Franschhoek, a valley famed for the great beauty of its mountains, vineyards, and roses.

    Arousing the Goddess: Sex and Love in the Buddhist Ruins of India

    A mixture of sex, love, coming of age, and Buddhism, "Arousing the Goddess" is filled with humor and recognition of the absurdities of life. It has been praised for its honesty and insight. Ward is the author of "What the Buddha Never Taught," which was a bestseller in Canada, and a Book of the Month selection in the United States.

    The Magic Island

    R299,00 R406,24
    This 1929 volume offers firsthand accounts of Haitian voodoo and witchcraft rituals. Author William Seabrook introduced the concept of the walking dead to the West with this illustrated travelogue.

    Lighthouse Families

    R267,00 R275,98

    The Bookshop That Floated Away

    The story of an extraordinary bookshop... and everything its owner did to keep it afloat.

    Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry Into Values

    One of the most influential and provocative books of its generation, "Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" continues to attract and inspire readers of all ages with its intriguing blend of ancient and Eastern philosophy, cultural criticism, and scientific inquiry.

    Travels with Morris

    During the early 1960s, Mo Rudling and her friend Julie travelled thousands of miles around wild Australia with their faithful companion Morris, a sky-blue second hand Morris Minor...

    At Play in the Fields of the Lord

    R267,00 R275,98
    Set in a malarial outpost of the South American jungle, Matthiessen's electrifying moral thriller follows the clash between two misplaced gringos: Martin Quarrier, who has come to convert the local Indians to Christianity, and Lewis Moon, a half-Indian mercenary who has been hired to kill them. "Extraordinary . . . beautifully written". New York Times. Now the basis for a major motion picture starring John Lithgow, Tom Berenger, and Daryl Hannah.