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    Britain's Cold War Bombers

    From the iconic Vulcan to the latest generation of Typhoon aircraft, this fascinating and highly illustrated book tells how each design was created and translated into operational aircraft. The book gives a detailed account on how specific aircraft types were envisaged, created, developed and manufactured together with their service history.



    Classic British Motorcycles

    Until the 1950s, even into the '60s, British motor cycle makers ruled the roost such as Scott, Rudge, BSA, Norton and Vincent. Gloriously illustrated and written by a world-leading authoritarian figure on powered motorcycling, Classic British Motorcycles tells of a fascinating yesteryear when Britain was a leading pioneer of motorcycling.

    E-type Jaguar DIY Restoration & Maintenance: A Kind of Loving

    R537,00 R876,51
    A guide to amateur restoration of the iconic E-type Jaguar, the world's most beautiful sports car. It describes the author's mistakes for the benefit of others. It is suitable for the enthusiasts who work on the E-type.

    The Journey: The Fine Art of Travelling by Train

    R621,00 R830,00
    The Journey presents a varied selection of extraordinary travel opportunities by train from around the world. The reader is invited aboard modern high-speed trains, spectacular panoramic railways, dining carriages, rolling casinos, and elegant compartments of historic luxury trains. The book presents the exteriors and interiors of these different trains, their routes, and their defining character.

    Something about Railroads


    Factory-Original Sporting Mk1 Escorts

    R634,00 R766,08
    The originality guide to the sporting versions of Ford Europe's Escort Mk1, including the GT, Sport, Mexico and RS versions.

    British Auto Legends: Classics of Style and Design

    A reformatted hardback edition of this bestselling title, featuring many of the most exhilarating cars ever made. Includes biographies of all the key designers, a full technical glossary and details of where the cars may be seen worldwide. A lavishly illustrated book that will appeal to classic car enthusiasts.