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    MGB Restoration Manual

    R454,00 R601,62
    A comprehensive reference book for the D.I.Y. restorer, with step-by-step instructions.

    MGF and TF Restoration Manual

    R581,00 R816,00
    With the MGF in production between 1995 and 2001, many of the cars have survived in a structurally and mechanically sound state, without the huge costs and complications of needing a complete body restoration that is so often the case with pre-1980 MGs. Suitable for the MGF owner, this is a guide to mechanical and body restoration of these cars.

    Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!: The Bonhams Guide to Classic Race and Sports Cars

    R856,00 R1 139,75
    Bonhams is the world's go-to source for classic race and sports cars. In this book, the auction house presents a selection of the most breathtaking models and tells their stories.

    Republic P-47B-D Thunderbolt Razorback

    R382,00 R569,87
    This is the fully illustrated story of American famous heavy fighter aircraft, covering early 'Razorback' versions from the P-47B to the P-47D-22. The book features scale plans, photographs and original drawings from technical manuals.

    Sopwith Camel Manual: Models F.1/2F.1

    R491,00 R650,47
    Think of the First World War and then think of an aircraft. What springs to mind will probably be the Sopwith Camel.

    Car Registration Guide


    A Life on the Lines: The Grand Old Man of Steam

    R393,00 R488,46
    Fascinating photographic chronicle of the heyday of Britain's railways towards the end of the age of steam, as seen through the eyes of legendary railwayman Richard Hardy.

    Tornado Boys

    R400,00 R610,75
    Tornado Boys is the latest in the ever-popular 'Boys' series, and differs from earlier titles. With the introduction of female pilots to the RAF in 1994, the Tornado was the first aircraft to be flown by both men and women.

    Ferrari All the Cars: A Complete Guide from 1947 to the Present

    R404,00 R413,66
    Featuring over 200 designs and covering the history of the Prancing Horse model-by-model, this new, updated edition includes a list of Maranello's cars, enriched by the 458 Italia Speciale and LaFerrari.

    Stick and Rudder: An Explanation of the Art of Flying

    The leading thinking-book on the art of flying.

    The Bentley Story

    R216,00 R311,33

    Cars We Loved in the 1950s

    R217,00 R327,76

    Porsche 997 Model Years 2004-2012 (Essential Companion)

    R1 220,00 R2 279,50
    Carrying on Adrian Streather's tradition of exemplary Porsche 911 titles, this book contains everything a 997 owner needs, plus a lot more. From transmissions, to engines, to engine management software for every national variant - no matter what model of 997, it's covered here.

    My Cool Campervan: An Inspirational Guide to Retro-style Campervans

    The successor to my my cool caravan, this title celebrates the new wave of interest in campervans/ motorhomes and the diverse ways that owners are styling them.

    Motorama: GM's Legendary Show and Concept Cars

    R581,00 R650,47
    Within the pages of Motorama, you get to relive this glorious era of automotive history and revisit the advanced show cars that inspired so many new models. This book features fascinating period photography of Motorama cars at the show, in development, and at different locales.