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    Social Issues in Sport

    R3 285,00
    This volume introduces students to a sociological study of sport drawing mainly from British sources for its material. It aims to describe the nature and extent of sporting issues prevalent in society, to analyze research studies in sport and offer explanations for sporting behaviour.

    Becoming a Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology Professional: A Global Perspective

    R3 517,00
    This edited book by two prominent professionals of Sport and Exercise and Performance Sciences addresses relevant issues and experiences as one becomes a sport, exercise and performance psychology practitioner. Chapters discuss the supervision and training involved along with models of practice, theory, techniques, and ethical issues.

    Games and Sport in Everyday Life: Dialogues and Narratives of the Self

    R4 392,00
    Games of many kinds have been played in all cultures throughout human history. This book explores the social and psychological processes involved in the playing of games. It shows how games have been devised and played in particular societies and eras as means of promoting specific ideologies of a society, even social ideals such as utopias.


    R2 599,00 R3 014,92
    This book traces the visual history of surfing from its first description by Captain Cook in 1778 to today's global phenomenon. It examines the evolution of surfing both on and off the water, as a sport, a lifestyle, a philosophy. 500 images detail surf's crossover from the originary shores of Hawaii to fashion, film, music, and even car design.