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    Parenting: Illustrated with Crappy Pictures

    R69,00 R162,67
    Of course you love being a parent. But sometimes, it just sucks.

    The Little Book of Relaxation

    R125,00 R162,01
    This essential pocket-sized companion is packed with inspiring quotations from writers, spiritual leaders and philosophers, along with simple but effective tips to help you bring moments of calm into your daily life. The Little Book of Relaxation will benefit the mind and heart and make a real difference to every day.

    The Complete Tiny Book of Hugs

    R10,00 R49,95
    This book is a reminder for everyone of the pleasures and practical benefits of hugging: a self-help tool for anyone who wishes to hug or be hugged more. It advocates hug therapy as the "practice of administering hugs for the purpose of curing or healing, or of preserving health".

    Purple Ronnie's I Heart You

    R10,00 R119,00
    Purple Ronnie's latest Valentine's day book, especially for YOU!

    Simon's Cat: Beyond the Fence: Book 2

    R129,00 R225,00
    A brilliant follow-up to last year's bestselling stocking-filler

    Darth Vader and Son

    R99,00 R245,61
    A hilarious re-imagining of what it would be like if Darth Vader had taken an active role in raising his son Luke, with a refreshing twist and illustrations. Life lessons include lightsaber batting practice, using the Force to raid the cookie jar, and more.

    Darth Vader and Friends

    R99,00 R243,42
    In this funny and sweet new book in the bestselling Darth VaderÖ series, Eisner Awardûwinning author Jeffrey Brown offers an intimate look at the friendships between best pals in the Star Wars universe

    The Little Book of Positivity

    R144,00 R162,01
    In a world where we're constantly bombarded by work and worry, we all need a little boost to our happiness levels now and then. This book of inspiring quotations and simple, easy-to-follow tips provides you with practical advice on thinking positively and achieving a more balanced attitude to life.

    The Little Book of Happiness

    R144,00 R145,73
    We all want to be happy, but sometimes the hurly-burly of daily life leads our delight levels to sink a little. But don't worry! This joyful little book is packed with inspiring quotations and simple, easy-to-follow tips that will help you unwind, relax and greet life with a smile again instead of a frown.

    For My Lovely Mum

    Show your mum how much she means to you with the help of Purple Ronnie! Cute cartoons combine with silly and sometimes irreverent poems along with funny one-liners to help you tell that special someone just how awesome they are.

    A Lovely Love Story

    A beautiful story about two lovely dinosaurs with a message as old as time itself - that being together is better than being apart... the perfect gift for Valentine's Day


    A collection of Edward Monkton's highly successful Valentine's cards, collected together for the first time.

    The Little Book of Beards

    R144,00 R162,01
    Start grooming your Gandalf and break out your Blessed; the beard is back. This impeccably turned-out little guide on the world's most famous facial embellishments will teach you how to groom, craft, style and quote your way to beard greatness.

    The Little Book of Veganism

    R144,00 R162,01
    There are plenty of reasons to embrace veganism - environmental, ethical, health and many more! This easy-to-digest guide, packed with practical tips on vegan living, from food and drink to clothes and shopping, will inspire you to enjoy all that's best about an ethical and animal-free lifestyle.

    The Little Book of Inspiration

    R144,00 R145,73
    Whatever dream you are working towards, a few wise words can help a daunting challenge seem manageable. This uplifting little book is packed with inspiring quotations and simple but effective tips to help you get the most out of every day.