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    Memoir of REV. James Patterson ...

    R456,00 R519,36

    Memoir of REV. James Patterson


    Daniel X: Armageddon: (Daniel X 5)

    R69,00 R160,00
    Daniel X has never lost a battle against the disgusting, dangerous extraterrestrials on his List of Alien Outlaws. But he must now face a foe whose origins appear nearer to the depths of Hell than to the outer reaches of the galaxy.

    Daniel X: Game Over: (Daniel X 4)

    R79,00 R160,00
    Daniel X is one of the greatest superheroes ever to walk planet Earth. He has defeated a host of evil-doers on "The List of Alien Outlaws", and now he's ready to raise the stakes on his next impossible mission - by eliminating two criminals at once... Is the worst thing that happened to planet Earth.

    Daniel X: Lights Out

    R268,00 R276,80
    "Daniel X is finally ready to take on the universe's most evil alien outlaw that killed his parents years ago, but he will need all his friends--and superpowers--to make it out alive"--

    Daniel X: Lights Out


    Daniel X: Lights Out

    Daniel X has been hunting aliens most of his life. Aided by his power to create anything he can think of, he's fought his way up the list of the galaxy's most wanted aliens, demons and scum bags. There's only one name left. The Prayer. Evil incarnate. The one who robbed Daniel of a normal, happy life the day he gunned down Daniel's entire family.

    Daniel X: The Manga

    R213,00 R230,00
    James Patterson's bestselling science fiction franchise for younger readers is given the manga treatment with this lavishly illustrated adaptation!

    James Daniel Moore


    Daniel James Webb


    Daniel James Webb


    James Daniel Moore