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    The Maths Handbook: Everyday Maths Made Simple

    R99,00 R195,00
    Covering all the basics including fractions, equations, primes, squares and square roots, geometry and fractals, Dr Richard Elwes will lead you gently towards a greater understanding of this fascinating subject. Even apparently daunting concepts are explained simply, with the assistance of useful diagrams, and with a refreshing lack of jargon.

    How Big is Infinity?: The 20 Big Maths Questions

    R99,00 R235,00
    Answers to 20 of the most mindbending and perplexing mathematical questions.

    Numeracy, Clinical Calculations and Basic Statistics: A Textbook for Health Care Students

    This valuable textbook will help nurses and other health care students achieve confidence and proficiency in performing a variety of calculations, both in the clinical environment and in written tests. It discusses the increasing demands placed upon the numeracy skills of nurses and considers potential sources of calculation errors.

    A First Look at Rigorous Probability Theory

    R1 120,00
    Features an introduction to probability theory using measure theory. This work provides proofs of the essential introductory results and presents the measure theory and mathematical details in terms of intuitive probabilistic concepts, rather than as separate, imposing subjects.

    The Golden Ratio and Fibonacci Numbers

    R1 064,00
    In this text, the basic mathematical properties of the golden ratio and its occurrence in the dimensions of two- and three-dimensional figures with fivefold symmetry are discussed. Fibonacci series and generalized Finobacci series and their relationship to the golden ratio are also presented.

    Essentials of Stochastic Finance: Facts, Models, Theory

    R1 820,00
    This text provides information for those dealing with stochastic calculus and pricing in the models of financial markets operating under uncertainty. It introduces the reader to the main concepts, notions and results of stochastic financial mathematics.

    Combinatorial Problems in Mathematical Competitions

    Focuses on combinatorial problems in mathematical competitions. This work provides basic knowledge on how to solve combinatorial problems in mathematical competitions, and also introduces solutions to combinatorial problems and some typical problems with often-used solutions.

    Simple Adaptive Strategies: From Regret-Matching to Uncoupled Dynamics

    R2 212,00
    Collects almost two decades of joint work of Sergiu Hart and Andreu Mas-Colell on game dynamics and equilibria. This book may be used for advanced graduate courses - in game theory, economics, mathematics, computer science, engineering - and for further research.

    Analysis: A Gateway to Understanding Mathematics

    R1 176,00
    Shows that it is possible to provide a rigorous treatment of calculus for those planning a career in an area that uses mathematics regularly (for example statistics, mathematics, economics, finance, engineering, and more). This title reveals to students on the ways to approach and understand mathematics.

    Introductory Topology: Exercises and Solutions

    The book offers a good introduction to topology through solved exercises. It is mainly intended for undergraduate students. Most exercises are given with detailed solutions.


    A course in post-matric mathematics which aims to make commercial mathematics comprehensible to students. Topics covered include: linear algebra; differentiation and integration; linear programming; and arithmetic and geometric progressions.

    Introduction to Stochastic Calculus with Applications

    R1 064,00
    Presents a treatment of stochastic calculus. This title gives its main applications in finance, biology and engineering. It presents the theory of stochastic calculus and its applications to an audience which possesses only a basic knowledge of calculus and probability.

    Everyday Probability and Statistics: Health, Elections, Gambling and War

    Presents the important results of probability and statistics without making heavy mathematical demands on the reader. This title enables an intelligent reader to properly assess statistical information and to understand that the same information can be presented in different ways.

    Current Developments in Mathematical Biology: Proceedings of the Conference on Mathematical Biology and Dynamical Systems

    R2 380,00
    A collection of papers on various areas of current interest in mathematical biology, such as epidemic disease modeling, including the effects of vaccination and strain replacement; immunology, such as T-Cell dynamics and the mechanism of phagocytosis; knot theory; DNA computation; and Boolean networks.