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    BIOS Instant Notes in Ecology

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    This book is designed to give students rapid and easy access to key ecological material to assist learning and revision.

    Computational Ecology: Graphs, Networks and Agent-Based Modeling

    R2 296,00
    Graphs, networks and agent-based modeling are the most thriving and attracting sciences used in ecology and environmental sciences. This book offers a comprehensive treatment of the subject in the areas of ecology and environmental sciences. It also includes Java codes and a standalone software package.

    Information Theory and Evolution

    R1 540,00
    Discusses the phenomenon of life, including its origin and evolution, against the background of thermodynamics, statistical mechanics, and information theory. This second edition offers results based on reports of important new research in several areas, including fresh studies of the human mitochondrial and Y-chromosomal DNA.

    Human Genetics

    This book covers basic human genetics, details the techniques available for disease diagnosis and how these are used in the lab, before concluding with information on prenatal diagnosis, genetic counselling and ethics. This is the ideal handbook for biomedical science students and anyone working in a diagnostic genetics lab.


    Demonstrates the special position Africa occupies in the evolution and creative development of humankind. Written by a team of international scholars under the editorship of Geoff Blundell, this book is intended for those interested in the African origins and evolution of the human race.

    Human Evolutionary Genetics: Origins, Peoples and Disease

    R888,00 R1 045,00
    Rev. ed. of: Human evolutionary genetics / Mark A. Jobling, Matthew Hurles, Chris Tyler-Smith. c2004.

    Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

    R1 568,00
    This popular textbook has been completely revised and updated to provide a comprehensive overview and to reflect key developments in this rapidly expanding area.

    Nobel Prizes and Nature's Surprises

    R1 064,00

    On the Origin of Species

    R162,00 R190,00
    In The Origin of Species Darwin outlined his theory of evolution, which proposed that species had been evolving and differentiating over time under the influence of natural selection. On its publication it became hugely influential, bringing about a seismic shift in the scientific view of humanity's place in the world.

    Darwin Comes to Town

    R268,00 R315,00
    See your city through fresh eyes

    Personal Genomics and Personalized Medicine

    Provides a scientific treatment of the disciplines of personal genomics and personalized medicine. This book includes a comprehensive treatment of both the promises and challenges of personal genomics and medicine from technological, societal and medical perspectives. It is suitable for practicing health professionals and researchers.

    Explaining Abnormal Behavior: A Cognitive Neuroscience Perspective

    Highly readable and accessible, this book describes how research in cognitive science is transforming the way scientists and clinicians think about abnormal behavior. Bruce Pennington draws on work from multiple disciplines to identify compelling links among psychiatric, neurodevelopmental, and neurological disorders that are not generally studied together. Presenting cutting-edge work on the brain systems involved in key domains of neuropsychological functioning, Pennington sheds light on acquired neurological disorders like aphasia and amnesia, as well as the development of such conditions as schizophrenia, depression, dyslexia, autism, and intellectual disability. The book also reveals how the analysis of both typical and atypical brain-behavior relationships can contribute to a neural explanation of the self and consciousness.

    Concepts of Genetics

    R1 024,00 R1 170,50

    Genetics and Genomics in Medicine

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