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    Be still! Jesus stops a storm

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    All About Yom Kippur


    The Good Samaritan

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    5 Minute Christmas Stories

    R129,00 R510,36
    A beautiful gift collection of TEN favourite Christmas stories.

    Children's activity Bible

    The ChildrenÆs activity Bible teaches children what GodÆs Word says while engaging them in fun, educational activities such as word searches and puzzles. This action-packed book contains more than 100 Bible stories and activities to both teach and amuse. A fun way to learn the truths of the Bible!

    A First Bible Storybook

    R89,00 R140,00
    An introduction to the Bible for very young children with 13 stories from the Old and the New Testaments bringing Bible characters to life.

    The Lion Baptism Bible: A Special Gift

    R155,00 R175,00
    A classically illustrated gift Bible for a child's Baptism

    The classic children's Bible storybook

    It is important for every Christian family to have a child-friendly Bible that they can enjoy together. THE CLASSIC CHILDREN'S BIBLE STORYBOOK is packed with timeless Bible stories, 100 stories from the Old Testament and 100 stories from the New Testament. The Bible stories are illustrated by Alan Parry, easy to read, Scripture-referenced and simple enough for young kids to understand, but detailed enough so that older children will not get bored. THE CLASSIC CHILDREN'S BIBLE STORYBOOK is the perfect package inside and out, and will certainly be cherished and passed down from generation to generation.

    Look and find Bible stories - Old Testament

    R115,00 R129,94
    The Look & Find Bible Stories – Old Testament Stories will let children experience best-loved Bible stories in a world full of colors and detail using fantastic, bright and engaging artwork. The 5 stories of the Old Testament are retold in easy-to-read language and filled with dozens of characters, animals and objects for kids to find. Key items to search for are listed on the large flaps children can open, which reveal extra fun and engaging activities. Kids can also learn to spell the simple words selected for the items to be found. The stories in Look & Find Bible Stories – Old Testament Stories include: Noah’s Ark; The Exodus: Escape through the Sea; The Walls of Jericho; David & Goliath; and Jonah and the Big Fish. Parents can also play along and see who can find the objects first while taking the opportunity to read to their children from the Bible and discuss what is going on in the pictures.

    Jesus heals a lame man (Jigsaw)

    R80,00 R89,94
    Jesus Heals a Lame Man is simply told and beautifully illustrated by Gill Guile. Learn about Jesus healing a lame man through four 16-piece puzzles. The finishing touch of this great puzzle book is that it has a die-cut handle that makes it easy to carry along.

    Super heroes storybook

    R160,00 R269,95
    “Strong and brave Bible heroes who changed the world for Jesus.” What do Samson, David and Jesus have in common? You guessed it! They are all super heroes, because they obeyed God and helped others … and so can you! This is the message boys will learn in the Super Heroes Storybook by Carolyn Larsen. As they read the amazing and encouraging stories with their Super Hero Manual – the Bible – by their side, they will learn that God has a special job for every boy. The 25 stories from the Old and New Testaments are accompanied by action-packed illustrations with a comic book feel by Joe Goode. It will give boys an idea of some of God’s greatest super heroes’ heroic deeds. Each story features a super hero characteristic and tip accompanied by a key Scripture verse. There is also a warrior-like angel hidden in each story’s illustrations for boys to find. The Super Heroes Storybook will teach boys how they can be super heroes in God’s kingdom.

    Jonah and the great big fish

    R59,00 R79,94

    The pirate and the firefly

    R45,00 R49,95

    The big picture story Bible

    R180,00 R199,94
    The Bible is a big book about a big God who keeps a big promise! We sometimes overlook the fact that the Bible is more than a collection of great stories. It is the real account of God’s love for the world. The Big Picture Story Bible presents this remarkable true story in 11 stories from the Old Testament and 15 from the New Testament. Simple words and striking illustrations unfold the storyline of God’s Word from Genesis to Revelation. The unique manner in which the 26 stories are told and accompanied by fun questions throughout will allow parents and children to connect in conversation about God’s promises and how He always keeps them. David Helm and Gail Schoonmaker guide children in this exciting discovery of God’s promises.

    Bible rhymes for quiet times

    R90,00 R99,95
    Bible rhymes for quiet times offers a fun way for kids to learn about important characters and stories in the Bible. With colourful illustrations and inspired Bible rhymes, children will have fun learning from various Bible characters and their stories. Consisting of 22 Bible rhymes, each with a for children to GodÆs Word.

    Moses in the Bulrushes

    R79,00 R95,95
    Favourite Bible stories are vividly retold in these colourful picture books using the tried and tested see and say rebus reading method. With fold-out picture word guide and 20-minute audio CD with listening and interactive versions of the story.