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    What do synagogues look like? What are Yom Kippur and Hanukkah? From the origins of the Jewish people to their contribution to the arts and sciences, this title explores every aspect of Jewish religion and culture.

    Believe storybook

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    In the Mouth of the Wolf

    Rose Zar was 19 years old when the Nazis invaded her native Poland. Her father urged her to save herself by hiding "in the mouth of the wolf" - or within the enemy itself. She managed to obtain false papers, secretly changing her identity and surviving the Holocaust as maid and nanny for a Nazi SS colonel.

    Tom Playfair: Or Making a Start

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    The story opens with 10-year-old Tom Playfair being quite a handful for his well-meaning but soft-hearted aunt. (Tom\'s mother has died.) Mr. Playfair decides to ship his son off to St. Maure\'s boarding school--an all-boys academy run by Jesuits--to shape him up, as well as to help him make a good preparation for his upcoming First Communion. Tom is less than enthusiastic, but his adventures are just about to begin. Life at St. Maure\'s will not be dull!

    The Dinner of Smells

    When a poor man stands enjoying the smells from a restaurant, its greedy owner charges him for the privilege! Can Nasruddin, the wise man, save him from jail? Lively retelling of a Muslim folk tale featuring the famous character Nasruddin.

    Beautiful in God's Eyes for Young Women: Looking Good from the Inside Out

    Many young women struggle with eating disorders or distorted body images because they believe the world's version of ultimate beauty, perfection, or femininity. They are deciding, based on those lies, that they are ugly, fat, different - unloveable. This book helps you to experience the confidence of knowing that you are beautiful in God's eyes.

    Body and Soul: A Girl's Guide to a Fit, Fun and Fabulous Life

    As a professional surfer who has overcome incredible challenges, Bethany Hamilton shares her expertise as an athlete and a Christian, showing girls ages 11-14 how spiritual health is just as important as physical health. With workouts, recipes, and advice for living a balanced life, Bethany will help young girls become their best "selves" ever.

    Growing with Jesus: 100 Daily Devotions

    As your kids grow, make sure their faith is growing too. God loves to see children grow---but more than anything, He wants them to grow closer to Him. Kids can grow on the inside by spending time each day with Jesus!

    Our Father

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    The Lord's Prayer for Little Ones

    Girl Talk: 52 Weekly Devotions

    This year-long book of devotions consists of fifty-two engaging stories along with daily questions and activities for each week of the year. Girls respond to each story as it relates to their own lives with talk, journaling, and prayer. These award-winning devotions will affirm girls in their identity as God's children and special creation.

    Shine on, Girl!: Devotions to Keep You Sparkling

    This 90-day devotional will "totally" help girls connect with God, as well aslearn his will for their lives.

    Cats, Dogs, Hamsters, and Horses

    These exciting photos and facts show children the wonders of God's creation. Includes simple text perfect for level two readers.

    Made to Crave for Young Women: Satisfying Your Deepest Desires with God

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    Everyone craves something, a new pair of shoes, a piece of chocolate, popularity, or even one glance from that cute guy in English. We were designed to crave things---just not earthly things. In this teen adaptation of Lysa TerKeurst's Made to Crave, you'll discover how to direct your craving toward God and lasting satisfaction.

    Prayers and Verses for Your First Holy Communion

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    Alison Jay's signature style makes this gift book of prayers something special to read and treasure

    Candle Day by Day Prayers: Children's Prayers for Every Day

    A prayer for every day, and a companion to the Candle Day by Day Bible.