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    The big picture story Bible

    R180,00 R199,94
    The Bible is a big book about a big God who keeps a big promise! We sometimes overlook the fact that the Bible is more than a collection of great stories. It is the real account of God’s love for the world. The Big Picture Story Bible presents this remarkable true story in 11 stories from the Old Testament and 15 from the New Testament. Simple words and striking illustrations unfold the storyline of God’s Word from Genesis to Revelation. The unique manner in which the 26 stories are told and accompanied by fun questions throughout will allow parents and children to connect in conversation about God’s promises and how He always keeps them. David Helm and Gail Schoonmaker guide children in this exciting discovery of God’s promises.

    KJV Bible for Young Readers, Hardcover

    R369,00 R409,95

    The Bible Storybook for Girls

    R162,00 R179,94

    Super heroes storybook

    R162,00 R269,95
    “Strong and brave Bible heroes who changed the world for Jesus.” What do Samson, David and Jesus have in common? You guessed it! They are all super heroes, because they obeyed God and helped others … and so can you! This is the message boys will learn in the Super Heroes Storybook by Carolyn Larsen. As they read the amazing and encouraging stories with their Super Hero Manual – the Bible – by their side, they will learn that God has a special job for every boy. The 25 stories from the Old and New Testaments are accompanied by action-packed illustrations with a comic book feel by Joe Goode. It will give boys an idea of some of God’s greatest super heroes’ heroic deeds. Each story features a super hero characteristic and tip accompanied by a key Scripture verse. There is also a warrior-like angel hidden in each story’s illustrations for boys to find. The Super Heroes Storybook will teach boys how they can be super heroes in God’s kingdom.

    Happy Holi

    R254,00 R299,00
    A visually stunning and captivating introduction for young children to the Hindu festival of colour - Holi.

    Die mooiste storiebybel

    R180,00 R199,94
    Die mooiste Storiebybel, met 40 spesiale Ou- en Nuwe-Testamentiese Bybelstories, elk met Æn samevattende sinnetjie om oor te dink en maklike Bybelverse om te memoriseer, sal jou meisiekind help om die wonder van God se liefde vir haar te verstaan.

    NIrV the Beginner's Bible Holy Bible

    R414,00 R459,94
    The Beginner's Bible, Holy Bible, NIrV is an easy-to-read, large-print Bible for kids that features 20 color illustrations and includes the complete New International Reader's Version (NIrV) of the Bible, written for the third grade reading level. Features brand new vibrant, three-dimensional art.

    Superhelde - Storieboek

    R162,00 R269,95

    'n Ontdekkingsreis deur die Bybel - vir kinders

    R117,00 R179,95
    Dave Strehler bied met 'n Ontdekkingsreis deur die Bybel û vir kinders Æn Bybelhandboek spesiaal vir die jongklomp. Die boek sal kinders help om sin te maak van die By¡bel deur vir hulle praktiese, lekker en interessante manie¡re te wys om dinge oor die Bybel te leer.

    Best-loved Bible stories ror kids

    Best-loved Bible stories for Kids is a collection of 45 favourite Bible stories from the Old and New Testaments about God and His love for His children. The vibrant illustrations will delight both parent and child, as will the cute animals that feature all throughout the book.

    Live Smart

    R184,00 R204,94

    Die groot storie van die Bybel

    R180,00 R199,94
    Met sy eenvoudige woorde en treffende illustrasies sal Die groot storie van die Bybel vir kinders die storielyn van God se verhaal vertel û van Genesis tot Openbaring. Die unieke manier waarop die 26 stories vertel word met vragies in die teks sal kinders intrek en vir ouers die geleentheid gee om te gesels oor God se beloftes.

    The brave little giraffe

    R45,00 R49,95
    Mr. and Mrs. Amaka had high hopes for their unborn baby. Very high hopes. But when little Audrey came into the world without a neck, their dreams were crushed. Audrey grows up to learn that God created each one of us uniquely. Standing tall is not the same as being tall. Join Audrey and her sparkly blue high heels on this heartwarming adventure!