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    Ripley's Believe it or Not! 2017

    Following hot on the heels of last year's Top 10 best-seller, this book offers a completely new compendium of strange but true facts and amazing stories, ranging from the Polar Bear robot, to the edible human skull, to the woman who still suffers from sea-sickness three years after her last boat trip.

    Sequential Drawings


    Happy Divorce: 100 Tips to Feel Happy During Your Divorce

    Take the "100 tips in 25 days" Challenge and experience some light heartedness during this dark event in your life. Some of the ideas are just for fun but some have been tried and tested as part of the revolutionary naked divorce 21-day healing programme and pack a punch in helping you heal. Try to be a little bit happier during your divorce.

    The Coffee Table Book of Doom

    The future is upon us... Is the world really about to end? This title offers a handy way to keep youself updated on all the ways you and everyone else might suddenly cease to exist.

    Paradise Lodge


    101 Ways to Become a World Champion: The Most Weird and Wonderful Championships from Around the Globe

    You don't have to be an Olympic athlete or elite competitor to be a champion of the world. This book profiles 101 of the more bizarre and eccentric events that call themselves "World Championships".

    Peggy and Me

    From the bestselling author of Is It Just Me?, Miranda Hart, comes the hilarious account of her life with her close companion Peggy, a gorgeous white bichon frise.

    More Moaning: The Enlightened One Returns

    The hilarious new book by the author of An Idiot Abroad - follow Karl on his journey to enlightenment

    Can You Solve My Problems?: A Casebook of Ingenious, Perplexing and Totally Satisfying Puzzles

    Takes you from ancient China to medieval Europe, Victorian England to modern-day Japan, with stories of espionage, mathematical breakthroughs and puzzling rivalries along the way. In this book, you'll pit your wits against logic puzzles and kinship riddles, pangrams and river-crossing conundrums.

    Law, Life and Laughter Encorel

    This is a book of legal humour and piquant revelations of personalities in the law of southern Africa. There are about 600 entries dealing with some 160 main characters and a host of minor ones, and text from a number of books, law journals, magazines, newspapers, manuscripts, and communitcations.

    Thrown Under the Omnibus

    Handpicked and introduced by the humourist himself, Thrown Under the Omnibus is the essential P.J. O'Rourke anthology - a must-have for all fans.

    Tails from the Booth

    The internet sensation, now in a funny and heartwarming book packed with over one hundred images of dogs of all breeds posing in photo booths.

    Match of the Day 365

    Revisiting classics matches, thrilling goals, controversial decisions, game-changing transfers and more, this book takes you through the drama, glory and heartache of the Premier League era.